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Valentines Day Party Kits

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Valentine's Ombre Love Dream Party

Valentines Day Party Kits >> Valentine's Ombre Love Dream Party

Valentines Day Party Kits

What is better than attending the perfect Valentine's Day Party? How about being the effortlessly adorable host everyone is envious of!

Valentine's Day Conversation Heart Party Kit, Valentines Day Party Kits

Everything you need to throw your very own Heart Themed Valentine's Day Party

Valentine's Day XOXO Party Kit, Valentines Day Party Kits

XOXO Party Kits, all in one kits for perfect Valentine's Day Parties

We found  3 all in one party kits that will have your guests thinking you spent days driving all over town putting together a chic concept to wow them.  All you have to do is pick one of these Indie themes (XOXO,  Conversational Hearts, or Ombre Love) and get shopping!

And yes, we know you can find seemingly less expensive printable Valentine's Day decor on Etsy. But truthfully, you most likely will not achieve the quality you desire from your home printer. And by the time you drive to a professional print shop, splurge for higher quality paper, and factor in your time spent cutting out all the little pieces, Minted's Valentine's Day Party Kits begin to seem like a bargain. Plus, in addition to the usual party flags and bunting, you can order personalized matching table runners and photo backdrops. AND you can even mix and match patterns.

To make it easy for you, Minted even stocks red and pink vintage straws so your guests can enjoy the fabulous love potion cocktails you serve.

We love that you can shop each piece on its own or choose from three levels of packages depending own personal party needs. You provide festive food and a great crowd  and Minted literally takes care of the rest, what could be easier than that?

Wait! Wait! We found one more must have! Mintd now carries adorable heart themed fabrics. Make curtains or chair covers or table cloths or even wrap your gifts in fabric for an extra special presentation!

Don't let Valentine's Day pass you by this year. Share the love and throw a party to remember!

Party Hearty!

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