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Unique Wedding Gifts

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Unique Wedding Gifts

Unique Wedding Gifts

Recently I received a wedding invitation from a lovely couple who I have known since they were both in elementary school and had the honor of watching grow into professionally and personally accomplished adults.  As is the custom today, their wedding announcement indicated that they were registered at the usual stores.  I spent way too long searching for the perfect present.  Finally I narrowed it down to the vacuum cleaner, the knife set, or a generic glass vase.  But rather than clicking “buy” I turned off the computer.  I wanted to gift this  amazing couple something special –something memorable.

So the next time I tackled the project I knew exactly what I was looking for — something elegant and classic, something the couple would use over and over again throughout their years together as they entertained family and friends.  I wanted a gift that would add that little extra to their table yet would be something they would never buy for themselves and something that I would want to immediately add to PartyIdeaPros Classic Elegance party package.

Here are a few of our absolute favorite pieces

Anything and everything designed by Michael Aram.

We also fell in love will all the idea of gifting a cake plate. We use them for serving just about anything. When grouped at various heights they even make candy apples look fancy.

In the end after fighting with my sometimes old-fashioned internal voice saying the little things do make a difference. They make life beautiful. I caved to the more modern notion that stuff matters less than experiences and the memories created. So, I went on Keith and Kathleen's Honeyfund Honeymoon Registry and made sure they got to take that hot air balloon ride they had been dreaming about.

Party Hearty!

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