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The 4 Best Clear Bags to Celebrate College Graduation in Style!

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Stay fashion-forward on college graduation day while celebrating your achievement in style with our handpicked selection of chic clear bags suitable for all university ceremonies. As you prepare for this momentous occasion, it's essential to remember the clear bag policy enforced at various university venues. Whether it's the graduation hall, auditorium, or stadium, many universities have adopted similar regulations regarding bag transparency and size limitations. But fret not! Just because your bag needs to be clear doesn't mean it can't be stylish. Embrace both fashion and compliance by exploring our curated collection of trendy purses and bags that are perfect for any college graduation event.

Typical Clear Bag Policy for College Graduations

To help you navigate typical stadium bag policy, we turned to Peaches & Bulldogs‘ explanation of the University of Georgia clear bag policy. (Click on the image below to view the full official Georgia Clear Bag Policy.) Due to safety concerns many universities have enacted very similar policies for graduation this year.

University of Georgia Clear Bag Policy Sanford Stadium UGA
  • All bags must be CLEAR plastic, vinyl or PVC and cannot exceed a size of  12” x 6” x 12”.
  • Bags cannot be tinted, they must be completely clear. 
  • Clear bags with logos must have logos no larger than 4.5” X 3.4” on one side only.
  • Small clutch bags, with or without a handle or strap, that do not exceed 4.5″ x 6.5″.
  • One-gallon clear plastic freezer bags.

While we strive to provide accurate and up-to-date policy information, please keep in mind that details can change. For official policy updates, be sure to check your own university's commencement website to ensure you have the most reliable and current information available.

1. Graduation Approved Clear Tote Bags

This first tote bag is perfect for graduation and costs less than $20. It's made of durable PVC material and has a snap top to keep your belongings secure. This bag measures 12″ x 6″ x 12″, so it meets the maximum size requirements for most clear bag policies. Plus, the bag features the many university logos, so you can show your school spirit while still following the rules.

Pro Tip: Do not dawdle! These bags are selling out fast!

2. Clear Crossbody Bags

We love crossbody bags for every and any occasion. They free up our hands and don't fall off our shoulder making these bags are first choice for this year's graduation celebrations They are made of clear PVC material and most have an adjustable strap so you can wear it at the length that's most comfortable for you. Since these bags are smaller than the tote bag they meet the size requirements for most clear bag policies. Plus, they're cute and festive with many of the most impacted university logos. Again, all three styles of these bags are selling out fast, so order yours today so they arrive in time for graduation!

3. Clear Stadium Belt Bags & Wristlets

If you prefer belt bags or small wristlets these clear bags are the right choice for you. Again, these bags are made of clear PVC material and generally have an adjustable strap. Most come pre-printed with university logos although like all of the bags featured here, the list of available universities is limited.

However we are obsessed with the Stoney Clover Lane Fanny Pack. This is the only bag on this list which can be customized for any school since they offer sparkle and glitter “patches” to personalize your bag as you see fit. Warning! these bags are expensive but ohhh so cute!

4. Personalized & Unique Clear Purses

Take your graduation fashion to the next level with a personalized clear purse. Stand out from the crowd by adding a unique touch to your accessory. Look for customizable clear stadium bags where you can add your initials, monogram, or even your University mascot. We're absolutely obsessed with the customizable beaded straps. You can get a good quality simple clear purse and trade out the strap depending on what graduation you are attending. This concept is absolutely perfect if you are attending more than one graduation this year!

Alternatively, add some fierceness to your special day look with a unique purse. Again, the transparent material of these clear bags ensures easy entry through security checkpoints, while the studded embellishments and unique designs add a trendy and edgy flair to your grad day outfit.

In Summary

Just because you have to bring a clear bag to graduation does not mean it can't be cute and stylish. So grab your cute clear bag and get ready to cheer on your graduate and celebrate life in style!

Party Hearty!

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