Outdoor Wedding Photography Backdrops

Wedding Photography Backdrops

I lived it first hand — every bride's wedding photographer nightmare. My husband and I chose to get married outdoors with San Diego's beautiful marina as the backdrop to our special day. When the photographer arrived at our venue, rather than taking our individual and family portraits outdoors, he insisted that we move to a “studio” he had rigged up with an ugly rose colored drape as the backdrop. I tried to argue but was overruled and labeled a temperamental bride. So today, when we look at our wedding album, instead of the stunning views pictured below, I still cringe in dismay at the dreadful rose wedding photography backdrops marring my memories of an otherwise beautiful day. Continue Reading →

Indian Wedding Photography Backdrops & Wedding Invitations

Indian Wedding Photography Backdrops

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Blue, Gold & Red Faux Tin Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Today we received an email from one of our favorite wedding stationery merchants, Wedding Paper Divas, sending us to their Real Wedding blog that features the vibrant, Indian wedding of Jasmit (Jesse) and Deepika, at the Hyatt Manchester Grand, in San Diego, California. The couple was married on 9/23/2011–exactly 11 years from their original anniversary in high school, 9/23/2000.

We have juxtaposed some of their gorgeous wedding photos, courtesy of True Photography, against these colorful blue, red, & gold faux tin decorative ceiling tiles because we believe these faux tin tiles would make a stunning photography backdrop for any Indian wedding celebration as well as any Bollywood inspired movie, television or theatrical set.  In the past we have featured faux tin tiles as a fabulous option for vintage chic outdoor wedding photography backdrops but clearly decorative ceiling tiles are incredibly versatile and can be used in a myriad of settings.

Wedding Paper Divas did not indicate what wedding invitation the couple chose which is especially surprising since the company has  quite a nice selection of invitations whose designs reflect this rich and graphic culture.  Here are a few of our favorites.

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