Steam Engine Train Theme Wedding Inspiration

Steam Engine Train Theme Wedding

Steam Engine Train Theme Wedding

Steam Engine Train Theme Wedding Inspiration

by Jenna

When one of our readers asked us for inspiration for a train themed wedding, we were immediately smitten with the idea. While traditional weddings will always be beloved, more and more couples are trying new ideas to personalize   their special day to make it even more special. And as we brainstormed and researched how to best incorporate steam powered locomotives into a wedding ceremony and celebration, we came to appreciate just how romantic a train themed wedding could be. Nostalgic and sentimental, what a perfect theme for a wedding.  Continue Reading →

Train Theme Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

Train Theme Birthday Party Ideas & Supplies 

Train Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

All aboard! Jump on the party train for your next birthday party or baby shower.  Party Idea Pros will walk you through every step of your chic choo choo train party theme providing professional recommendation on just about every railroad party detail including invitations, centerpieces, napkin rings, place cards, party favors, and lots and lots of little extras.  And of course we have plenty of ideas for the ever popular children's  Dinosaur Train Party, Thomas the Tank Engine Party, The Little Engine that Could Party, and Chuggington Train Party.

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Train Diaper Cakes – The Perfect Train Theme Baby Shower Centerpiece

Baby Shower Centerpiece Gifts Train Diaper Cake

Probably one of the most re-pinned and favorited items on our Pinterest boards is this train diaper cake. Although perfect as a centerpiece for train theme baby showers it is not like a traditional diaper cake where the train is built with diapers rubber banded together but instead it is  all  held together with glue so after the shower the mom-to-be will not be able to actually use the diapers.  She will, however, be able to use the  baby care items (baby shampoo, wash, lotion powder & diaper rash ointment) placed in the middle train cars. Currently it is available in green on Amazon and in blue, pink & green on eBay.  Because diaper patterns change, the actual pattern on the train will vary depending on availability.  This particular train is made from baby items – diapers, baby bottle, wash cloths.  It measures about 11 inches tall, 27 inches long and 3.5 inches wide (Again, from the merchant – this is a glued keepsake decoration and not intended to be used – this is not a toy). Update:  We have messaged this merchant to verify the details as presented   and will update you once we hear back from her!  Our gut is that we may be taking her words too literally because truthfully, not being able to use the diapers rather defeats the purpose of a  creating a diaper cake.)

Train Theme Baby Shower Centerpiece & Gift Ideas - Train Diaper Cakes,

Here are a few more adorable diaper cake trains that can be found on eBay and Etsy and Amazon.  The selection varies  from day to day but each one is cuter than the next!

More Train Theme Baby Shower Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

You might also want to check out this YouTube DIY video on How to Make a Choo Choo Train Diaper Cake .  It isn't as easy as you might think.

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