One Kings Lane Memorial Day Blowout Sale Starts Today!

One Kings Lane Memorial Day Blowout Sale Starts Today!

If you haven't yet checked out One Kings Lane , today is definitely a great day to start. One Kings Lane is pulling out all the stops and offering some of the top sales and most popular products yet.  Check out these amazing sales in  Decor, Table, and Kitchen.  Get everything and anything you need for summer entertaining!

Decor & More

 Moroccan Lanterns, Blue        Chevron Round Vanity Tray

Set of 2 Moroccan Lanterns, Blue Glass – $10
With tinted glass, cut-out iron and ornate texturing, this lantern imbues the surroundings with a chic Eastern aesthetic.

 Chevron Round Vanity Tray, Navy – $22
This deep-sided, scallop-edged tray is ideal for holding everything from toiletries to barware.

Table & More

   Daisy Teapot       Assorted Parrot Stackable Bowls

Daisy Teapot, Purple – $15
Cute, colorful, and dotted with darling daisies, this teapot will add a whimsical touch to teatime. And as it comes packaged in an equally charming gift box, it makes a wonderful present too.

Assorted Parrot Stackable Bowls – $15
Colorful, stackable, and perfect for entertaining or everyday, these dishwasher safe, melamine bowls bring simple, Scandinavian style to your table.

Kitchen & More

 Double Wall Wine Cooler    Boiled Egg Dipper

Double Wall Wine Cooler Red – $12
Ravishing in red: a double-walled stainless steel wine cooler perfect for your next soiree or dinner for two.

Boiled Egg Dipper, Black – $9
A home for the hard-boiled: this silicone boiled egg dipper is a handy way to keep your eggs together when boiling.


Party Hearty!

Smiley Cookies Really Do Brighten The Day!

Smiley Cookies

Reviewed by Samantha (PIP summer intern)

My name is Samantha and I am a cookie fanatic. If I have a choice of any treat, I will always choose a cookie.  Imagine my delight when a box arrived on my desk at work filled with cookies.   These great treats arrived packaged in a colorfully designed box that immediately put a smile on my face. A dozen sugar cookies covered in white icing with six different colored smiley faces  came packed in a sealed plastic container that actually kept the cookies fresh for weeks. In addition to the cookies the box included directions on how to best eat the cookies.  The directions recommended heating them in the microwave for 10 seconds.  After taking my first bite, I decided an extra 10 seconds would take the cookies from good to outstanding.  In fact, my boss, initially a bit iffy about the cookies, really liked them once they were warmed up.  I can honestly say Smiley Cookies are now my new favorite cookies.    I would absolutely recommend them to all my friends.

These fun, scrumptious treats are available in a variety of different colors and shapes. Chose from stars, flowers, hearts, and more to make a basketful of yummy delights. You can also create your own cookie and choose the shape and color of the icing and smiley face. Smiley Cookies are long lasting and extremely versatile; they make excellent birthday presents, “get well soon” goodies, thank you gifts, and are overall great for any party or holiday. They would also be a fantastic take-home party favor treat for guests – just put them out near the door on a large smile face plate and let your guests grab them as they leave the party.  Priced starting at just $12.99 / dozen these cookies are both reasonable and delicious.  Make it a yummy day!

Party Hearty!