Ripped from the Headlines Halloween Party


Ripped From the Headlines Halloween Party

by Lauren

2015 has been quite the year. We were so inspired by this Great Gets post imagining Halloween costumes ripped from the headlines. Theme your Halloween and create a ripped from the headlines Halloween party! Tell your guests to arrive in costumes straight off the front page and the evening news — between politics, sports, and culture, there's plenty to choose from! These costumes are easy, fun, and add a touch of humor and pop culture knowledge to any Halloween party. And yes although some of the featured costumes are satirical and poke a bit of fun at politicians and other public figures, we have made a conscious decision not to feature costumes we deem disrespectful, or have the potential to incite violence or foster hatred and we implore you to do the same.  Please no Caitlyn Jenner or Black Lives Matter costumes, and please, please stay away from anything and everything ISIS.

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Orange is the New Black Halloween Costume Ideas

Orange Is The New Black Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is quickly approaching and our friends over at seem to be getting back into one of the many things they do well – putting together fun & creative Halloween costume ideas.  Today they posted these fabulous Orange is the New Black Group Costume Ideas.   We especially like that all the Orange is the New Black Halloween costume ideas are so simple yet work so well together as a group.  Plus, they fit any and every woman no matter her shape, size, or age. Think orange scrubs and tan scrubs, work shoes, and ID badges. 
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