The Book Of Mormon Inspired Group Costumes

The Book Of Mormon Inspired Group Costumes

The Book Of Mormon Inspired Group Costumes >> Order Theater Tickets Here

The Book Of Mormon Inspired Group Costumes

At the last minute my husband and I made a spur of the moment decision to attend parents' weekend at USC.  Too late to get football tickets, we decided to try to get tickets to see The Book of Mormon. Every time we visit NYC we look into getting tickets but the prices are prohibitively high.

Not that The Book of Mormon tickets in Los Angeles were inexpensive, but this time we  decided to go for it and am I glad we did.  Not only did I love the characters of Elder Price and the rest of the gang but I must admit, while watching the fabulous staged “Mormon Spooky Hell Dream” number I was inspired — I couldn't wait to get home and try to pull a last minute group costume together for you.  I promise, it is not too late to order your Halloween costume online and receive delivery before next weekend's Halloween festivities begin. Continue Reading →

Venetian Mask Halloween Costume – Unique & Elegant!

Venetian Mask Halloween Costume - Unique & Elegant!Every once in a while I come across a picture or a photo that inspires me.  This one popped up on my Facebook feed.  Admittedly, I am extremely biased but my niece's gorgeous piercing blue eyes staring out from behind that incredible  Venetian blue and gold mask made me wonder if this Halloween rather than donning the usual scary costume or sexy fantasy costume we might consider  more refined, almost elegant Halloween attire.  I must admit, after my truly scary Halloween experience being stalked by a crazy dressed  in a Clockwork Orange costume, I get a bit freaked out by Halloween.  Sometimes I believe Halloween is used as an excuse for people to “try on” behaviors and personae that are unacceptable in every day life.   But I digress.

Light Blue Venetian Mask

The point of this post is to suggest switching it up this Halloween – rather than spend a fortune on a one wear costume, raid your closet or better yet buy yourself that long coveted cocktail dress you can wear again and again and add a stunning  Venetian mask. You can even create a couples Venetian mask that is both easy and fabulous or join forces with your girlfriends and together make a jaw dropping entrance.  (This would make a great teen costume too especially if all of your friends wore different but coordinating masks!!) Elegance is forever chic and  always sexy!

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