The Book Of Mormon Inspired Group Costumes

The Book Of Mormon Inspired Group Costumes

The Book Of Mormon Inspired Group Costumes >> Order Theater Tickets Here

The Book Of Mormon Inspired Group Costumes

At the last minute my husband and I made a spur of the moment decision to attend parents' weekend at USC.  Too late to get football tickets, we decided to try to get tickets to see The Book of Mormon. Every time we visit NYC we look into getting tickets but the prices are prohibitively high.

Not that The Book of Mormon tickets in Los Angeles were inexpensive, but this time we  decided to go for it and am I glad we did.  Not only did I love the characters of Elder Price and the rest of the gang but I must admit, while watching the fabulous staged “Mormon Spooky Hell Dream” number I was inspired — I couldn't wait to get home and try to pull a last minute group costume together for you.  I promise, it is not too late to order your Halloween costume online and receive delivery before next weekend's Halloween festivities begin. Continue Reading →

Last Minute Costume Ideas for Halloween or Anytime


Last Minute Costume Ideas

Box Costumes

Rubik's Cube Costume

I just saw this costume on the Today show and thought, wow — easy and fun!  You can create it using one box or three boxes askew, solved or unsolved, large or small, with arm holes or without.  Wear tights or black pants underneath.  You can get as fancy as you want.  If you have truly waited until the last minute — simply spray paint your boxes black with quick drying paint.  During the 15 minutes it takes for the paint to dry completely, cut out your  squares of colored paper.  Now glue or tape them to box(es) being sure to leave space between the squares so it appears they are outlined in black.   If you don't have boxes at home your local postal store or office supply store  generally stock boxes.   If you don't have a paper cutter or glue gun consider investing in one for the next time! Continue Reading →