Free Personalized Printable Coloring Pages for Kids

Free Personalized Coloring Pages

Free Personalized Printable Coloring Pages

Free Personalized Printable Coloring Pages

In celebration of National Coloring Book Day we had to share these free personalized printable coloring pages for children. #toocute

Not only can you print these FREE personalized coloring pages  any time, day or night, you can use them as fun placemats. Print out a bunch and set your dinner table with a different themed coloring page everyday, each personalized for every member of your family.  Or bundle them with a crayon party favor box and you have a very inexpensive yet memorable birthday party favor. Continue Reading →

Adult Coloring Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

Adult coloring party

Adult Coloring Party

Adult Coloring Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

In honor of National Coloring Book Day …

Just last week we featured Color-In Kids Thank You Notes partially because we believe in the importance of teaching thank you note etiquette from a very young age and partially because we are obsessed with coloring. You know those restaurants that have paper tablecloths and offer crayons for the kids >> well we are the first to reach for the crayons. We create giant doodles mostly because we love coloring them in.

As it turns out, we are not the only ones who love to color. Coloring for grown-ups is all the rage right now, and coloring parties for adults is quickly surpassing the popularity of the pottery painting parties ten years ago, or so. The difference is that with coloring parties, the costs are minimal. All you need is a pack or two of sharpened colored pencils and pages to color. And of course a few snacks and cocktails or mocktails.  Coloring parties are a fun theme for a low key girls nights in or gal pal birthday parties or even baby and bridal showers. Just choose your coloring pages based on your party theme. Continue Reading →

Children’s Rainy Day or Any Day Activities >> Personalized Coloring Books & Puzzles

Personalized Childrens Puzzles

Personalized Childrens Puzzles

Children's Rainy Day or Any Day Activities

Personalized Coloring Books & Puzzles

We love when a summer thunderstorm passes through but always like to have a rainy day activity tucked away for the kids. Frecklebox has an entire collection of personalized goodies for children that are sure to distract them until they are able to go back outside. We love the personalized puzzles! They have different pictures for boys and girls which are absolutely adorable. The coloring books are another great way to pass the time and you can display your child's name on each page! Visit Frecklebox today and receive free shipping on all orders over $45 with promo code FREESHIPPING.

Frecklebox  even has free personalized, printable, coloring pages.


Free Personalized Coloring Pages (and so many more!)

Almost Forget …

Think Frecklebox for cute personalized preschool and kindergarten graduation gifts!

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