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Make The Switch Witch Part of Your Family Halloween Tradition


We are so disappointed. It seems that the year 2020 has gotten even worse – we cannot find a switch witch anywhere 🙁

We just came across this post, Switch Witch ? The Solution to TOO MUCH Halloween Candy, from our friends over at MomMeMatch  (the site that has put together by far the best collection of  family matching Christmas pajamas we have seen to date).  They tracked down the Switch Witch, featured on Shark Tank a few years back, and although the proprietors did not get a deal, they remind us that the Switch Witch is still a fun solution to TOO MUCH Halloween Candy. Best yet, we just checked and the Switch Witch is available with the Amazon Prime One Day Shipping option so you can still get it delivered to your doorstep in time for Halloween!

Make The Switch Witch Part of Your Family Halloween Tradition

Switch Witch the Halloween Candy Solution

The Switch Witch (as Seen on Shark Tank)

Looking for a Solution to TOO MUCH Halloween Candy?

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A handful or even two handfuls of candy is fun to eat and to sort through. An entire pillow case or tote bag full of candy, well that is just lots of sleepless night and a tummy ache in the making. Plus, prepping for the switch witch really could be a fun new family tradition!

After a long day of Halloween excitement, and quite possibly a mishap or two, and after you sort through your candy, you and your little monsters can change into your Halloween pajamas. Next set out the extra candy adjacent to the Switch Witch doll and cauldron. And finally, the whole family can collapse onto your bed to cuddle together and read this beautifully illustrated version of The Switch Witch. Such a lovely way to wind down and resolve your excess candy issue. If you have older children who can cuddle through more than one book, consider reading different versions of this fun Halloween story and comparing and contrasting them together.

Toy Ideas

We think this is a very fun way to deal with a real problem. But we also worry it has the potential for being way more work and money than it is worth. That is why we suggest that at the same time you order your Switch Witch, also order your toys.

Here are just a few of the top toys this year. They range in price and reflect lots of different toy options. But the truth is, you know your own budget and you know exactly what your children might like the switch witch to deliver in exchange for their candy. If we were choosing today, we would probably go for Pie Face, or a magic set, or even a razor scooter. All three seem like something a witch might deliver. Specifically, why the razor? Because in a strange way, it reminds us of a kid's version of a witch's broomstick.

If you do not have Amazon Prime, now is the perfect time to take advantage of Amazon Prime's free 30 day trial. You can use the free two day shipping to still get everything delivered before Halloween and then get a jump start on your holiday gifts. It would incentivize you to buy all your holiday gifts before your 30 day free trial runs out and save you tons of money with free 2 day delivery.

Party Hearty!

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