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Superhero Theme Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

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Superhero Theme Birthday Party Planning

Superhero Theme Birthday Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

Superhero Theme Birthday Party Planning

Plan your superhero party today! Seize the day and celebrate your own super powers — all it takes is a little boost from your favorite superhero.  Why choose just one – gather all your favorite superheros together to create a powerful, fun, and colorful party. Think Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Thor, Hulk, and so many more.  Party Idea Pros will walk you through every step of your superhero theme celebration with professional recommendations on just about every detail including superhero party invitations, centerpieces, napkin rings, party favors, costumes, party decor and lots and lots of little extras. After all, in event planning, the details matter and we have done the research for you! KABOOM! Mission Accomplished!” 

A superhero theme party is all about the costumes. Cute, with capes, for children's parties and skimpy, skin tight costumes for adult soirees.

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New! Perfect for the Superhero Fanatic!.Wonder Woman Comics Personal Checks
Batman Checks

DC Superhero Checks! Batman Checks | More Superhero Checks

Superhero Theme Birthday Party Invitations

Skip the invitations and present your invited guests with these Super Friends or Wonder Woman Rings, which must be presented at the front door as the pass into the party.

             Superhero Emblem Rings

Superhero Emblem Rings

Superhero invitations for the young at heart

Superhero Birthday Party Invitations
Superhero Children's Birthday Party Invitations

Comic Book Superhero Birthday Party Photo Card Personalized AnnouncementSuperhero Boys Birthday Invites

Superhero Birthday Party Invitations

Superhero Party Decor

We highly recommend using superhero party packs and decor, mixing the various characters together. Fill your ceilings with a few of the mylar balloons, filled in with lots of coordinating latex balloons

Superhero Peel And Stick Wall Decals

Marvel Super Hero Squad Foil BalloonSuperhero Comic Balloon Bouquet Set 

Red Balloons .    Blue Party Balloons .  Green Party balloons

Marvel Super Hero Squad Foil Balloon Superhero Comic Balloon Bouquet Set | Latex Balloons

Pop Art Superhero Party Banner

Ginger Ray Bunting – Pop Art Superhero Party Banner Decoration

Action Figures

Use as table decor or  group together to create centerpieces.

Superhero Action Figures

Superhero Party Favors and Napkin Rings

Silly Bandz make great party favors and napkin rings!

Superman Logo Bandz Bracelets Fantastic Four Logo Bandz

Superhero Place Cards

Superhero Rubber Duckies

Consider gluing the speech bubbles to dowel rods or  polka dot or striped straws and displaying them the in a red metal decorative bucket flower vases or even a simple mason jar.

We love these Avengers PEZ dispensers not only as party favors but also as place cards. Tuck into a napkin.

Superhero Paper Goods

Superhero Party Packs

Superhero Party Packs

New! We <3 these Ginger Ray Pop Art Party Supply DesignThe Avengers Invitationss!

Superhero Ice Cream Treat Tubs      Pop_Art_Superhero_Plates

Pop_Art_Superhero_Napkins            Superhero Comics Lunch Napkins

 Superhero Ice Cream / Treat Tubs | Pop Art Superhero Napkins | Pop Art Superhero Party Plates | Superhero Comics Lunch Napkins | More Ginger Ray Pop Art Superhero Supplies

Superhero Fun and Games

Superhero Create a Cape Kit      Spiderman Coloring Placemats      Superhero Party Favor Box     

Super Hero Fun Create-A-Cape Kit | Spiderman Coloring Placemats | Super Hero Party Favor Box 

Place speech and thought wall bubbles throughout your party space. Fill out a few with fun words and phrases like Kaboom and Mission Accomplished to inspire your guests to add their own words of empowerment!

   Speech Bubble Decals

Speech bubbles | Washable Markers | Speech Bubble Whiteboard

Use these speech bubble white boards as place mats with luncheon or appetizer/ dessert place settings – yes they are expensive but you can use them over and over.

Superhero Pinatas

 Spiderman Pinata  Batman Pinata

Superhero Piñata | Batman Pinata

More Superhero Stuff

       .  Superhero Cake Topper     

Super Hero Cake Toppers

Superhero Gifts

Adult Superhero and Supervillain Costumes

Cute by themselves or coupled together. ..Mix & Match Superheroes to Create Super Couples and Super Families!

Superhero Costumes

Custom-sewn Superhero Costumes | Unique Superhero Costumes | Sexy Superhero Costumes | Plus Size Superhero Costumes

Superhero Men's Costumes

Custom-sewn Superhero Costumes | Unique Superhero Costumes | Plus Size Superhero Costumes | More Superhero Costumes

Captain America & Agent Peggy_Carter Couples Costumes

Captain America | Agent Peggy Carter >> Royal Blue Suit | Blue Blazer | Blue Pencil Skirt | White Button-Down | Red Panama Hat | T-Strap Heels | Rimmel London Lipstick

Or take a look at these great DC Marvel T’s and Hoodies.

And we always love Hanna Andersson Superhero Pjs!

Hanna Andersson Matching Family Pajamas

Wow! Check out these personalized superhero pillowcases.

And finally … Superhero Libations!

(Always drink responsibly. Never drink and drive. and please, do not serve alcohol to anyone under the legal drinking age!)

10 Superhero Party Drinks by Stephen Schleicher

Superhero Party Drinks

The Incredible Hulk


* 2 oz Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum
* 1tbsp Sugar
* 2 L bottle of Mountain Dew

Add the Captain Morgan to a glass with sugar, then add Mountain Dew until the mix turns green

Tony Stark Ironman Cartoon

Iron Man Cocktail

* 3 oz Seagram 7
* 3 oz Vodka
* Soda Water
* Ice

Mix the Seagram 7 and vodka add ice cubes, then fill with soda water, and stir gently.

Hammer of Thor

* 4 oz Aristocrat Vodka
* 5 oz Cranberry Juice
* 3 oz Milwaukee's Best Ice Lager

Stir in a highball glass, and swing away. Give about ten of these to your worst enemy and watch the hi-lar-ity ensue.

Captain America Superhero Drinks

Beast Juice


* 2 oz White Rum
* 4 oz chilled Mountain Dew Code Red
* 4 oz chilled Red Bull energy drink

Stir and serve.


* 6 oz Orange Juice
* 1/2 tsp Grenadine
* 1 Orange slice

Pour juice and grenadine into Collins glass that is filled with ice cubes. Stir well, and garnish with orange slice.

Wonder Woman

* 2 oz Midori Melon Liquer
* 2 oz Peach Schnapps
* 3 oz Orange Juice
* 1 oz Pineapple Juice
* 2 oz Cranberry Juice

Layer ingredients in order in a hurricane glass, and serve unstirred for a pretty looking drink, just like the Amazon princess.

Superman Mojito



* 1 oz Gin
* 3/4 oz Dry Vermouth
* 1/2 oz Apricot Brandy
* 1 oz Mandarin Juice
* 1 tsp Grenadine Syrup

Mix ingredients and shake with a glassful of ice and pour into an old fashioned glass – because, you know, Superman is so old fashioned.

Green Lantern

* 1/3 part Midori Melon Liqueur
* 1/3 part fresh Orange Juice
* 1/3 part 7-Up

Mix ingredients in order, shake once, and pour into a hurricane glass.

Robin Cartoon Suuperhero Drinks

Robin's Nest

* 1 oz Vodka
* 1/2 oz White Creme de Cacao
* 1 oz Cranberry Juice

Shake all ingredients with ice, strain into cocktail glass.

Arm Fall Off Boy Superhero Drink

Arm Fall Off Boy

* One can of Busch Light (or Natural Light)

Open can and drink.
(Seems the worst character of all time, deserves the worst beer of all time. Zing!)

Party Hearty!

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