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St Patrick’s Day Party & Irish Theme Party Ideas

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Featured St Patrick's Day Party Supplies >> Set of 3 Mason Jars in Shades of Green with Glitter Shamrocks by SprinkledandPainted

Go green — throw an Irish-themed party or create a festive St. Patrick's Day bash! These party inspiration and celebration ideas includes invitations, decorations, favors, and everything needed to make your Irish theme party a success!   Party hearty!

St Patrick's Day Party & Irish Theme Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

Mark your calendars for March 17th

St Patrick's Day Party Planning, Ideas, and Supplies

St. Patrick's Day Inspiration Board L to R:  Greeting Cards | Green Party Supplies, | Shamrock Garland | Paper Pom Pops

St Patrick's Day and Irish Theme Invitations

Invitations are much like the title of a paper –they set the tone for the entire party. And we have definitely warmed up to digital invites, especially since they are so economical!

Irish Wedding, Birthday and Special Celebration Invitations

St Patrick's Day and Irish Theme Centerpieces

Looking for more budget friendly options? Mylar shamrock centerpieces  combined with a fun green balloon bouquet and a few shamrock tea lights can be just as festive – we promise!

Printable Games for your St Patrick's Day or Irish Theme Party

We love the idea of adding a photo booth to your party!

Party Decorations and Table Decor

Shamrock Balloons

Party Goodies

St Patrick's Day or Irish Theme Party Food & Drink

Looking for the best corned beef brisket ever? Check out Snake River Farms!

Need Beverages NOW?

Skip the trip to your local liquor store. Plan in advance and order all your Irish whiskeys, ales, and stouts online. Or are you half way through your party and quickly running out of beverages? If you live in Chicago, San Francisco, Sacramento, Oakland, San Diego or Los Angeles you are in luck. Call Saucey and take advantage of their 30-MINUTE ALCOHOL DELIVERY. And yes, this includes Irish whiskeys, ales, and stouts!

Here are our to choices for the year. Mostly because if we order too many (and we always do) we can easily use this pattern for just about any celebration, year round! One more thing >> in full disclosure, we did find the kenzie lime green paper plates and napkins for a bit less money elsewhere but shipping was not free and we needed our plates ASAP so Amazon Prime's 2 day shipping will ensure they arrive by St Patrick's Day.


Green for your Home

Throw Pillows

Celebrate St Patricks Day
Celebrate St Patricks Day

Experience the luck of the Irish with themed cookware, drinkware, bakeware, and more on

Avoid Getting Pinched –Wear a Touch of Green

Irish Ties and Irish Buttons

Irish Ties | Irish Buttons

Leprechaun Costumes

Wow! Look what we found >> a hat that can be worn every St Patrick's Day for years and years to come! An authentic Green Steed Derby hat.

Party Hearty!

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