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Start a Healthy Winter Tradition – Host your 1st Annual Soup Swap Party!

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Another who woulda thunk it moment! January 16th (the 3rd Saturday of January) is this year's National Annual Soup Swap Day. We originally read about this creative party idea in Sara McColl's Yahoo article entitled “The Only Party Invitation We Want This Time of Year” . I guess it should not surprise anyone that we were intrigued. A winter party theme that is easy to organize, allows you to keep your weight loss / get healthy resolutions, has very little cost associated with it. And best of all you get to go home with one of the best party favors ever –  6 quarts of delicious soups, enough for dinner for a week.

And even if you missed the official soup swap day, no worries. As far as we are concerned any day can be soup swap day.

And this year (2021), we highly recommend organizing a virtual soup swap party. As usual choose 5 guests. Have each guest purchase a 6 pack of Ball Wide Mouth Quart (32 oz) Jars with Lids and Bands . Alternatively, you can provide the jars. Buy them in bulk and drop them off yourself or have the jars shipped direct to each guest's home. After the day of soup making, have your guests drop the jars back to your house ready for redistribution. It sounds like a lot of moving pieces but we promise, it will be worth the effort on those cold winter nights when you definitely do not feel like cooking!

Soup Swap Party

Soup Swap Party Supplies

What else you and your 5 guests will need:

The host should prepare an extra pot of soup to be served with a loaf of warm bread and a bottle or two of fabulous wine from one of our “go to” Wine merchants >> Gift Tree | The California Wine Club |


The more we think about it the more we become obsessed with the whole idea of hosting a soup swap party – any day! It might even be fun to organize a regular soup club! Check out these invitations and start planning your next soup swap today!

Printable Soup Swap Party Kit
Printable Soup Swap Party Kit

Party Hearty!

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