Sorority Jewelry

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Sorority Jewelry

You didn’t just “pick a house,” so why would you just pick any jewelry to honor your membership, your story, your life, your girls? You wouldn’t, which is why we made these.  Waxing Poetic


In colleges and universities across the nation, thousands of of freshman and sophomore girls have added sorority membership to their facebook profiles.  So what better time than now to celebrate and honor sorority sisterhood. And of course, Waxing Poetic, one of our favorite online destinations for personalized jewelry, once again has found just the right way to wax poetic about these new relationships and their profound impact on young women's lives without overdoing it.  The sorority jewelry is designed to be hip and young, yet grounded and inspirational.

…. Love Heart & Arrow Charm - Perfect for Pi Phi's

Looking for a lifelong memento for your Big Sis or Lil Sis?  What could be more perfect than this Big Sis/Lil Sis Pendant?  Crafted from sterling silver and bronze, it looks great by itself or alongside a sorority charm on a baby ball chain. (And if you just happen to be a Pi Phi how cute would it be to add a just one more charm to pull the whole gift together — the Love Heart & Arrow Charm available in brass or sterling silver.


Waxing Poetic's  sorority bracelet is another great way to celebrate new friendships.  Brass and sterling silver letters grace this macrame  bracelet. And as with all  Waxing Poetic specialty pieces, they are especially meaningful when combined together.  Waxing Poetic explains that “joining charms to layer a look or build a story is sort of like curating your life as you would art (but on a slightly smaller scale). ” These miniature icons can express who we are.  Design a custom look without fear. Take the time to capture the story of someone you care about – show her you know her – show her you care!


Sorority Jewelry - Big Sis Little Sis CharmSorority Jewelry - Sorority CharmSorority Jewelry -  Sorority BraceletsSorority Jewelry - Greek Alphabet Charms

Sorority Jewelry – Big Sis Little Sis Charm | Sorority Charm | Sorority Bracelets | Greek Alphabet Charms

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