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Setting a Holiday Table on a Budget

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Setting a Holiday Table on a Budget

Setting a Holiday Table on a Budget  :: **FTC Disclosure Statement: This post contains affiliate links plus we received a whopping $15 for writing it. So what does this mean? We will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on our links. Having said that, rest assured, PartyIdeaPros only recommends products & companies we <3 & trust!

Setting a Holiday Table on a Budget

With the the holidays just around the corner, it got us to thinking … how can we set a festive yet elegant holiday table for 12, inexpensively. Not surprising, and as usual, we turned to Dollar Tree, our go to shop for planning parties on a tight budget.

First, we could not believe our luck. This year Dollar Tree is selling a dozen 10.5 inch gold rimmed white stoneware dinner plates for just $1.00 each. Even though we are only hosting a luncheon for twelve, at this price, we decided to pick up 2 dozen. Since these plates can be used all year round, it seems like a no brainer to stock rimmed white stoneware dinner plates

Dinner Plates

Next we decided to see if there were any dish towels that we could use for napkins. Our taste in tablescape is constantly evolving. The last few parties we have hosted, we have draped a large folded kitchen towel over the back of our chairs. They add color to generic dining room chairs and double as napkins. And then when we found these matching square dish cloths, we decided they would be perfect as coordinating placemats. The fact that they are red & white checked just sealed the deal. The cotton terry cloth texture makes the whole look so much more interesting than traditional napkins and placemats and even adds a bit of the unexpected to our tables.

 Red and White Checked Cotton Terry Kitchen Towels   Red and White Checked Cotton Terry Square Kitchen Towels

Kitchen Towel | Dish Cloth

Holiday Centerpiece Ideas

It is no secret we are obsessed with light bulb vases. So when we happened upon these paintable clear plastic Christmas ball ornaments, we were sold. We plan to use them just like we do our light bulb vases but to stay on budget, we will fill them with artificial floral picks and 5-stem glossy red berry bushes. After we arrange the florals in the ornaments, we will add water so it looks less artificial. And finally, we will set our light bulb vases atop simple napkin rings, so they don't topple over.

We have not yet decided whether or not to decorate the ornaments. We may add a light sprinkling of gold glitter to coordinate with our plates but if we do that it might just be worth buying the pre-glittered already decorated ball ornaments. Additionally, we are considering using the small Christmas ball ornaments as place cards instead of as centerpieces and writing each guest's name in gold directly on the ornament itself.

DIY Christmas Ball Ornament Vases

DIY Christmas Ball Ornament Vases >> Ornaments | Floral Picks | Berry Bush | Napkin Rings

We would love to hear your opinion. Should we stick with the original plan of using clear Christmas ball ornament vases as centerpieces, use the  more ornate ornaments as vases, or use the small Christmas ball ornaments as place cards/party favors instead? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Wishing you a peaceful & joyous holiday season!

Party Hearty!

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