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Rosh Hashanah New Year Cards | Jewish Holidays

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Rosh Hashanah New Year Cards

In secular society, January 1st is the official start of the new year but for Jewish people world wide, Rosh Hashanah marks the new year and new beginnings.  For me, Rosh Hashana is one of my very favorite Jewish holidays. It is generally celebrated in September or early October. We cannot give you an exact date since the Hebrew lunar calendar is only 354 days verses 365 days in the solar calendar so the days don't line up the same every year. For example, Rosh Hashana 2018 begins on the evening of September 9th whereas the next year the holiday starts on the evening of September 29, 2019. This often coincides with the onset of a new school year. Growing up, when we went back to school shopping we also picked up a new Fall outfit for the High Holidays. To this day we buy a school calendar (September – September) rather than the traditional January to January calendar. It seems more organic, more intuitive.

Why Send Rosh Hashana Cards

We also prefer to send out Rosh Hashana New Year Cards to our Jewish friends rather than the traditional Christmas or holiday cards. We love the symbolism.  Images of apples and honey represent  wishes of a sweet new year and greetings of Shalom, written in either Hebrew or English convey wishes of peaceful blessings.  A few years back, many of our friends turned to Christmas cards because they like the idea of including a family photo but with today's Jewish New Year cards families can embrace the traditional Jewish values yet integrate some of the cool contemporary design elements introduced in December holiday cards. And as always, our first stops for stationery of all kinds are Minted & Zazzle. Below we have featured just a few of this year's most popular design choices.


L'Shana Tova!

Party Hearty!

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