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Ripped from the Headlines Halloween Party

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Ripped From the Headlines Halloween Party

by Lauren

2015 has been quite the year. We were so inspired by this Great Gets post imagining Halloween costumes ripped from the headlines. Theme your Halloween and create a ripped from the headlines Halloween party! Tell your guests to arrive in costumes straight off the front page and the evening news — between politics, sports, and culture, there's plenty to choose from! These costumes are easy, fun, and add a touch of humor and pop culture knowledge to any Halloween party. And yes although some of the featured costumes are satirical and poke a bit of fun at politicians and other public figures, we have made a conscious decision not to feature costumes we deem disrespectful, or have the potential to incite violence or foster hatred and we implore you to do the same.  Please no Caitlyn Jenner or Black Lives Matter costumes, and please, please stay away from anything and everything ISIS.

As always, all great parties start with a great invitations.  Invitations create a sense of anticipation and excitement and set the tone for the entire celebration. We love the idea of these newspaper themed Halloween invitations!

   Newspaper Haunted Barn Halloween Party Invitation

Halloween Newspaper Invitations

Consider adding a bit of newsprint decor to your tradition Halloween decorations.

 Newsprint Chandelier Wall Decals    Old Newspaper Print Hanging Fans

Newsprint Chandelier Wall Decals | Newsprint Hanging Fans

And now for the most important part >> the costumes!!!


The summer of 2015 saw this unlikely pair as the political frontrunners for 2016 presidential election.

Couples Halloween Costumes Donald Trump Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump Wig | Donald Trump Suit | Donald Trump for PresidentHIllary Clinton Mask | Hillary Clinton Signature Pant Suit | Hillary Clinton for President


Some saw Deflategate as much to do about nothing, nonetheless, Tom Brady captured headlines with accusations that the New England Patriots used deflated footballs during the 2015 AFC Championship game. Deflategate costumes are extremely easy to wear and can be pulled off by both men and women of all ages & sizes.

 Halloween Costumes Ripped From the Headlines Tom Brady Deflategate

 Tom Brady Jersey | Patriots Beenie | Deflated NFL Football

Victor Espinoza and American Pharoah were the first horse & jockey team to win the Triple Crown in 37 years.  This costume can either be worn by an individual dressed as a jockey and carrying a horse on a stick or as a couples costume. And of course both men & women can be either the horse or the jockey.

Ripped from the Headlines Triple Crown Winners

Jockey Costume | Horse Kigurumi (Onesie) | Horse on a Stick

Festival Culture

Between Burning Man and Coachella, music and art festivals are more popular than ever. And these festivals are quite the spectacle, with people dressing up in costumes to beat the summer heat while looking fashionably outrageous. Burning Man's fashion was even featured in an article in the New York Times! We love the idea of incorporating festival fashion into a Halloween costume or even your everyday look. Burning Man Festival Fashion Burning Man Costumes

Chrome Leggings | Holographic Baseball T-Shirt | Holographic Catsuit | More costumes from Mission Praxis | More costumes from Sea Dragon Studio

Coachella Celebrity Fashion

Coachella Fashion

Raga Romper | Rag and Bone Fedora | Loeffler Randall Fringe Sandals | Foley + Corinna Bag

Supreme Court

The United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality for all. At last, #LoveWins.

Love wins

Large Selection of Hers & Hers Bridal Gowns Priced at just $49.95! | His & His Tuxedoes


Jurassic World was 2015's highest grossing movie of the year, so far.

Jurassic World Costumes

Jurassic World Costumes

The Grand Budapest Hotel, one of 2015's Best Picture nominees, has some of the most fun, recognizable and wearable costumes of the year. We actually think you could get away with wearing purple scrubs if you sew some buttons down the front and add a Lobby Boy Hat!

Grand Budapest Hotel Halloween Costumes

Purple Male Chef Jacket | Women’s Solid Purple Blazer | Men’s Dress Pants Trousers | Womens Purple Stretch Leggings | Lobby Bell Boy Purple Costume Hat | Men’s Purple Bow Tie | Self Adhesive Mustaches Set | Red Dress Socks

Minions is, so far, 2015's highest grossing family film.

Minions Family Costumes

Minions Family Costumes


Both of these shows have been honored with multiple Emmy Award nominations and both have large casts of characters, so they are ideal candidates for group costumes.

Game of Thrones Group Costumes

Game of Thrones Costumes | More Game of Thrones Fashion Inspiration

Orange is the new black costume ideas

Keep it really simple >> think orange scrubs and tan scrubs.  Add an authentic looking name badge (or my name is name badge.) Now have each gal in your group choose a character. | More Orange is the New Black Costume Inspiration | More Prisoner Costumes


Clever creative teams across the country came up with a great idea for a Pizza Rat costume. It’s a total hat tip to the Pizza Rat video that’s gone crazy viral.

You can take this costume to any level you like. All you really need to make your own Pizza Rat costume are a gray hoodie and pants, a mouse nose and ears, and piece of pizza. You can also draw a quick rat nose and whiskers onto your face with a black makeup pencil if you'd prefer that route. And a rat tail can be DIY’ed with something as simple as a shoelace or length of clothesline tucked into the back of your belt.

As for the pizza, it can be real or fake; it doesn’t matter. Of course, carrying around a real piece of pizza might get kinda gross after a while … just a thought. You can also create your own giant piece of pizza with foam board from the craft store or ordinary corrugated cardboard. Just cut out a vague triangular shape, and use some markers to draw toppings. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

And if you want to be seriously authentic, wear your mouse accessories with a pizza costume. It doesn’t matter if nobody gets it >> you know you’re hilarious.

Couples Costumes Ripped from the Headlines Pizza Rat

Pizza Slice Adult Costume | Mouse Nose | Mouse Costumes

Keep checking back for more ideas as current events continue to unfold and popular culture continues to evolve.

Party Hearty!

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