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Reflections Resolutions and Goal Setting during the Holiday Season

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PartyIdeaPros would like to take a moment to wish all of our visitors a very festive holiday season filled with joy and peace, love and laughter.

As the year comes to a close, we reflect on the blessings bestowed in the last 12 months and begin to set goals for the next year. Please enjoy these three short movies as an expression of our gratitude and best wishes for 2021:  May You Be BlessedGoals Movie, and Laughter is an Instant Vacation (just in case, like most of us, you are not able to get away for a much needed break this holiday season!)

Reflections, Resolutions, and Goal Setting
Christmas with Afghan Hounds – this afghan hound climbs the tree to reach his goal,  the big bone at the top!

Reflections Resolutions and Goal Setting

Here are our favorite inspirational books and corresponding motivational videos …

Starting to think about 2021 goals? Clearly defined goals are key to success because without clear direction your dreams have no chance to become a reality. The Goals book and movie from Simple Truths is the perfect tool to provide the goal setting and achieving information you need in a straight forward and systematic manner. Embrace the ten rules of goal setting shared in the movie, Goals, The 10 Rules for Achieving Success and give witness to a powerful transition in your life.

Laughter is one of the simple joys of life! Studies show we need 12 laughs a day to stay healthy. Consider this book a gift of good health! You will laugh out loud at the quotes and photos that bring them to life.

Party Hearty!

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