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Real Grass Place Card Display Ideas

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Fabulous Turf Place Card Displays Made Easy with DoggieLawn

A Real Grass Place Card Display Idea

A Real Grass Place Card Display Idea

This afternoon, as we were talking to our 85 year old grandmother about the logistics of keeping a small dog in her urban apartment, we had an aha moment. When asked how she was planning to potty train her new dog and deal with after dark “walks”, she said she had heard of attractive, affordable environmentally-friendly dog grass patches. This way her new pup could “go” whenever she wanted – day or night, rain or shine. Grandma was right, as usual. DoggieLawn actually delivers an indoor doggy potty right to her front door. Now that she has convinced us she can handle a tiny companion, she just has to convince one of the doggie adoption agencies to approve her application.

Place Card Display Idea

So, besides being fascinated with the whole concept of hydroponic,* soil-less,* mess-free, dog grass pad, we think we finally discovered an easy solution to one of our favorite place card display ideas – real grass place card holders. We have been suggesting turf beds & boxes as place card holders for garden theme parties, golf theme parties and sports theme parties for a while now. But, and this is a big but, we have not had a good solution for executing on the idea. Until now, that is. Not only are DoggieLawn real grass boxes easy to work with, but by building  a box around the the DoggieLawn tray, you can  capture almost any decor style. And you can actually build the display in advance because the grass should stay green for a couple of weeks.

A dark oak box works for sporty parties and those going for a very traditional look. Paint or stencil the light colored pine sleeves to reflect just about any party theme. Think spring flowers for Easter (you can even hide custom painted eggs in the grass) or red white and blue stripes for patriotic parties. Use a stainless steel tray for an industrial modern look. These real grass place card holders or display boxes are perfect for weddings, Bar or Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet Sixteen and Quinceanera parties, retirement parties, and fundraisers. Whether you are  hosting an elegant old world theme event, barn hoe down, or Kentucky Derby party, real grass place card holders will wow your guests.

Real Grass Place Card Display Inspiration

Here are a few images of real grass place card display ideas for inspiration that are now so so easy to DIY with  DoggieLawn real grass boxes.

Real Grass Place Card Display Ideas, grass place card holders

Check out DoggieLawn real grass disposable boxes. Sized at from 24 x 16 inches to 48 x 24  inches,  configure these boxes to fit just about any banquet table

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