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Ready, Set, Hike! Printable Football Games

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Featured Printable Football Games >> Football 5 Second Game

Ready, Set, Hike! Printable Football GamesIf you have been put in charge of hosting this year’s playoff games   or Super Bowl parties, or any football themed party, having the right mix of food, entertainment, and company will keep the party flowing in between passes and touchdowns. For the entertainment >> think printable football games!

While typically during any “Bowl” party, most guests will be focused on the football game, there will always be commercial breaks and half-times when your guests may prefer to stretch and take a break from watching tv. And there are always a few guests who come for the food (and the company) rather than the game itself. So it never hurts to have alternative entertainment, like printable football games, readily available. Plus, you can literally purchase and print them out 5 minutes before the party starts.

If children are invited to the party, they may not want to watch an entire 3 hour football game. Having a fun game option for them, like a pin the football game or a football themed photo booth will give them a break and give them a chance to just be kids. Plus, recruiting the adults, blindfolding them, and making them pin the football on the quarterback would most likely be worthy of a snapchat or insta-story, too.

Printable Football Games

And for the grown-ups, even if you don’t have a designated time at the party to play games, you could always set out a few trivia themed printable football games. Make sure your friends know that prizes will be awarded to the guest who gets the most answers correct by the end of the televised game. This will encourage some fun competition during the party. And who doesn’t love the chance to win a prize?

If your party guests want an alternative option to watching the half-time show, this printable NFL football games pack includes fitting games for both the adults and the kids.

Printable-NFL Football-Games Pack

Wow! Another printable Super Bowl Game Set accept this one is specifically designed for Super Bowl 2018!

And you can always take time to create a lasting game day memory with these funny football photo booth props.

Ok – so this is not a printable game but the truth is, right now, we are rather obsessed with all Corn Hole Bean Bag Toss Games 🙂

Party Hearty!

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