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Printable Family Reunion Games & Activities

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Featured Family Reunion Games >> Family Tree Reunion – Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Printable It's A Family Affair, Printable Family Reunion Games & Activities

Printable Family Reunion Games & Activities :: Click on It's A Family Affair and try printing directly from this page

Printable Family Reunion Games & Activities

Bring the grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and siblings together at your next family reunion with lively games perfect for all ages. Fun for the whole family. Printable family reunion games will help everyone get to know each other better with games like Famly Reunion Bingo and Grandma's Measurements.  Let the laughter (and games) begin!

Update! We are so disappointed that Funsational, our “go to” printable games merchants has shuttered her shop and we cannot find the featured family affair game any where else.  You might try to print it directly from our page — it probably will not be as sharp an image as we normally like, but it might just be “good enough”.  Not to worry though, there are plenty of other family reunion printables on Etsy and of course, there is always Print Games Now!

Family Reunion Bingo, printable family reunion games

Family Reunion Bingo


We just came across this fun 20 Piece Family Reunion Photo Booth Props Kit! And aren't these mini hay bails too cute for words.

 Family Reunion Summer Photo Booth PropsMini Hay Bales

Make a Fabulous Family Reunion Lip Dub Video 

Also, be sure to check out the How2 for our latest family reunion activity. Here is the truth. The concept of doing a lip dub video originally sounded horrible to us. Mostly because we really, really do not like singing and dancing and performing, in general, let alone having it recorded for eternity. But after we saw the featured video, we have to admit it, we now think every family needs to organize a reunion, just to make a video like this.  It really is fabulous!  How to Make a Fabulous Family Reunion Lip Dub Video . 

Family Reunion Party Supplies

Finally, if you are still looking for invitations or other family reunion party supplies Zazzle is a great place to start!

Party Hearty!

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