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Party Idea Pros is fortunate to have access to a wealth of information that can help make planning your next event just a bit easier.  Our Video Gallery will feature the best of the best HOW2 videos available.  Keep checking back as we build our library.  We welcome your suggestions.


Continuous vs Per Piece Ribbon

Personalized printed ribbons add a special touch to your favors and gifts along with making your event memorable. Learn the difference between continuous print ribbon and per piece ribbon.

How to Assemble Favor Boxes

2″ square favor boxes are one of the most classic and versatile packaging ideas. They come in several different styles and colors to match the theme of any event. Learn how to assemble stylish favor boxes.

How to Present Fortune Cookie Favors

Personalized fortune cookies make wonderful party favors for any occasion. These chocolate-dipped fortune cookies are personalized inside and out. Learn how to present fortune cookies as party favors.

How to Tie the Perfect Bow

Decorate your favors and gifts with personalized ribbons. This simple gift wrapping trick will surely help you when tying a bow. Learn how to tie the perfect bow with a ribbon around a gift box or favor box.

Prepare For Your Hot Summer Event

Summer is one of the most popular season for weddings and outdoor parties. Beat the summer heat with these outdoor wedding tips and ideas to keep your guests cool and comfortable.

How to Choose a Sheer Organza Favor Bag

How to Personalize a Baby Shower Candy Jar

How to Personalize a Baby Shower Goodie Bag

How to Personalize Playing Card Party Favors

How to Make a Diaper Cake

No baby shower is complete without a diaper cake, a gift that can also serve as a beautiful centerpiece. Here's how to make yours extra memorable.

Learn how to make a diaper cake for an upcoming baby shower or baby bris /naming ceremony.

Howcast: How To Make A Diaper Cake — this diaper cake is a bit more “finished”


Too busy to make your own? Simply order a professionally “baked” diaper cake.


Order 2 weeks in advance!

Party Hearty!

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