Party Planning — The Basics

Party Planning -- The Basics

Party Planning — The Basics

Party Idea Pros offers tons of party planning advice throughout this site.  However, what we do best is spend hours and hours aggregating material into easy to use party decor packages. Once you review our party planning basics, just jump right in by exploring different themes and different looks.  Mix and match. Choose everything on a page or just one item, but please, always come to Party Idea Pros to place your orders — it is how we can offer this service free of charge. Clicking on a picture or the description of each item will bring you directly to the vendor’s order page. If the item does not appear, simply search the suggested website for the product described.

Also, be sure to check out Party Idea Pros’ What’s Hot page for fabulous finds and new trends in party planning such as going green, keeping it simple, and cheap chic ideas.

Step by step guide

Step 1

Budget planning is the first and most important step in the process of planning any event.  Creating a budget is a bit like putting together a puzzle –it takes time and can be frustrating but when it all comes together, the feel of satisfaction can’t be beat!

Party Planning Budget

Party Budget


Step 2

Whether you call it a timeline or a checklist,it is important to keep track of all the details from booking your venue to ordering invitations to buying all the little extras that will make your party unique.


Event Timelines & Checklists

Step 3

Three simple words … location, location, location.  Book early and  and think out of the box.  PIP's Tips >> Be sure to check out Groupon Getaways


Travel & Venues …

Step 4

Good entertainers, photographers, and videographers are in high demand.  Book early!


Entertainment & Photography

Booking Professionals

Preserve Your Memories


Step 5

Party Idea Pros is pleased to offer menu planning tips, menu and cocktail  suggestions, and recipe secrets from some of the country’s greatest chefs.



Step 6

Party Idea Pros has gathered the best of the best. Yes, planning a party can be fun!  Enjoy the process — enjoy the celebration!

Just point and click your way to a meaningful, beautiful, festive celebration.

Identify_Your_EventParty Theme Ideas

Identify your event                             …… Party Theme Ideas


Step 7
Party Idea Pros is fortunate to have access to a wealth of information that can help make planning your next event just a bit easier.  Our Video Gallery will feature the best of the best HOW2 videos available.  Keep checking back as we build our library.  We welcome your suggestions.

Party Planning HOW2 Videos

How to Videos


Party Hearty!


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