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Planning a College Party? Think Costume!

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Planning a College Party - Think Costume

Planning a College Party – Think Costume >> Invitations

Planning a College Party – Think Costume


Plan your college costume party today to take advantage of  Post Halloween Blow-out Costume Sales

Work hard. Play hard.

Sometimes academics seem easy compared to planning fabulous parties week in and week out. All you social chairs understand — one great party a semester doesn't cut it. Although unique ideas are hard to come by, sometimes unique is not necessary so long as your party is fresh and over the top. Actually, planning a college party is quite simple. You only need two elements:

Skimpy Costumes & Generous Libations

(Always drink responsibly. Never drink and drive. And please, do not serve alcohol to anyone under the legal drinking age!)

Now add a few games, music, and low lighting, and you are pretty well set.

Rather than write a super long post, my plan is to create a new post for each specific costume party theme. This way you can easily pick and choose which theme(s) appeal to you and easily access and visualize the theme.

  • “Make it a Double!” Costume Party
  • SUPERHERO Costume Party
  • “You're Tagged” Graffiti Party

(With lots more to come!)

Be sure to visit Party Idea Pros Greek Events for more party planning ideas, themes and party supplies: Greek Events

One more thought …

Not to state the obvious but everyone knows that ultimately it is the people who make the party.  In order to attract an A-list crowd, year-long self promotion is a vital element to you pre-party planning.
Party Hearty but please Party Safely!

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