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Pirate Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

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Feature Pirate Party Image >> Pirate Invitations, Banners and Party Decor

 Pirate Theme Party Planning, Ideas and Supplies

Pirate Theme Party Planning, Ideas and Supplies

Pirate Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

Let Party Idea {Pros} walk you through every step of your child's pirate birthday party including pirate party invitations,  decor, food ideas,  pirate fun and games and even pirate costumes for children.

Party Idea Pros has an “old fashion” approach to kids’ parties.  We say keep them small, keep them short, and keep them simple.  We love hula hoops, beach balls,, crayons, washable markers, glue sticks, and musical instruments.  Generally, the number of guest should equal the age of the birthday child, but don’t obsess if you are a few over or under — it is not worth the hurt feelings for an extra child or even two.   Never, ever deliver invitations at school, unless every single child is invited!!!!!   Save money – skip the jumpies and the pony rides.

Many of the products here also work for pirate theme baby showers!

For a great kids pirate theme birthday party there are only six essentials

  1. A great pirate invitation — even before the party begins invitations create a sense of anticipation.  Think of all the time your own child spends  looking at those invitations on your refrigerator.
  2. Great pirate theme paper goods
  3. A  cluster or two of  pirate theme latex balloons mixed with some fabulous Pirate Balloons (be especially careful of latex balloons if you have very young children present)
  4. A toy treasure chest or pirate ship, and gold coins for  your centerpiece or simply use the centerpieces provided in the pirate party kits – you can always make them a little less commercial by adding balloons and some of your own pirate accessories.
  5. For the food –  keep it simple:  serve goldfish crackers and trail mix  in a pirate skull goblet,   use fish shaped cookie cutter to cut cheese, tea style sandwiches, and fruit or skewer small pieces of fruit onto pirate sword food picks,   and for dessert serve  pirate cookies , crispy pirate pops, or the classic decorated birthday cake/ cupcakes.
  6. Four  activities:  a “doing” activity such as a home “treasure hunt” a craft activity such as  decorating a treasure chest, and a game activity  like, “capture the pirate flag” or “pirate tug of war”,  and to end the party you absolutely must break the pirate ship pinata.  As the kids get older, the same activities work just make them more complex, and add a competitive/team component.


These pirate crates with everything you need to host a stunning pirate birthday party or baby shower are our new obsession. They cost a bit more but sometimes, we will pay almost anything to make our lives easier. Especially if the quality is the same, or in this case, better! And best yet, no cutting, no pasting, no fussing, no obsessing.

Children's Pirate Birthday Party Pirate Party Supplies in a Box

Pirate Party Supplies in a Box

Pirate Theme Party Invitations

pARRRty! Children's Pirate Birthday Party Invitations

pARRRty! Children's Pirate Birthday Party Invitations

AHOY Children's Birthday Party Invitation   Argh Pirates Childrens Birthday Party Invitations

AHOY | Argh Pirates Invitations

 Treasure Hunt Pirate Birthday Party Invitations    Pirates Map Birthday Party Invitations

Treasure Hunt | Pirates Map    Pirate Birthday Party Invitations

Pirate Invitations

Pirate Birthday Party Fill-In Invitations

Pirate Birthday Party Fill-in Invitations

Pirate Postage Stamps

 Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow with Gun stampPirate Postage Stamps

Pirate Postage Stamps | Pirates of the Caribbean on Zazzle

Pirate Theme Party Kits

We were pleasantly surprised at all the adorable pirate party supply options available. Feel free to mix and match between kits!

Disney Jake and the Never Land Pirates Party in a Box    Preppy Pirate Party Supplies

Preppy Pirate Party Supplies | More Pirate's Plates

Pirate Birthday Party Supplies

Pirate Birthday Party Supplies

Pirate Pennant Banners & Garland

Pirate Party Kit

Pirate Party Kit

Pirate Theme Party Decor

Pirate Theme Party Centerpiece Ideas

Toy Pirate Ships make great centerpieces!


Pirate Party Toy Ships & Centerpieces

Pirate Party Ships & Centerpieces

Pirate Place Cards, Place Mats and Napkin Rings

Pirate rings make for fun and inexpensive napkin rings and even place cards.

Pirate Cupcake Rings

  Pirate Activity Placemats

Pirates Activity Placemats

Pirate Party Food Ideas

Pirate Pops

How to make crispy pirate pops

How to Make Deviled-Ham Eyeball Sandwich

How to Make Deviled-Ham Eyeball Sandwich

Pirate Flag Food Picks     Pirate Sword Food Picks

Pirate Flag Picks | Pirate Sword Food Picks

 Gold Chocolate Pirate Coins        Pirates Booty

Chocolate Pirate Coins | Pirate's Booty

Pirate Party Favors

      Pirate Action Figures

Pirate Action Figures  | Not pictured >> Pirate Tattoos

Pirate Bubble Gum Machine   Pirate Goblet

Pirate Bubble Gum Machine | Pirate Goblet

  Mini Pirate Treasure Chests    Tooth Pirate Chests

Pirate Party Fun and Games

Pirate Paddle Ball  DIY Wooden Treasure Chest

Pirate Paddle Ball (This can double as a party favor! And we love to serve appetizers on these!) | Decorate Your Own Pirate Chest

Pirate Pinatas

Pintable Pirate Party Games

Pirate Party Hats & Dress-up Accessories

Pirate Swords Pirate Eye Patches

Swords Eye Patches

Pirate Clothes and Costumes

Childrens Pirate Costumes

Children's Pirate Costumes (and many more!)

Pirate Party Ideas Books

Preschool Parties: Easy Ideas for Princesses, Pirates & Other Little People  The Book of Pirate Party Games

Preschool Parties: Easy Ideas for Princesses, Pirates & Other Little People | The Book of Pirate Party Games

Party Hearty!

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