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Piano Music Boxes on Sale!

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Piano Music Boxes

Piano Music Boxes >> Music Box Attic

Piano Music Boxes on Sale!

Join us in admiring the wonderful world of mechanical music.  We can not think of a better way to do so than showcasing this stunning collection of music box pianos from Music Box Attic. We are enchanted :: We are enthralled.  Piano music boxes are definitely our new obsession.  In full disclosure, I must admit I love pianos.  The very first piece of “grown up” furniture my husband and I bought together was an ebony Yamaha baby grand piano.  Yes, you read that right – we bought a piano way before a dining room table, and even before we bought sofas for our living room.  Today this same piano graces our living room, sitting smack dab in the middle of our house and continues to be a source of personal joy and hours of enjoyment for our family and friends.

Baby Grand Piano Musical Jewelry Box

Now that my children are all grown and moved out, what they say they most miss (other than mom's cooking and laundry prowess) is our piano.  So as a housewarming gift, I have bought each of them this custom baby grand wood black piano music box with jewelry space.   I picked this particular piano for three reasons:

Black Wooden Piano Musical Jewelry Box, Piano Music Boxes

……1. The price – at 42% off list price this piano music box is an incredible deal plus I received an 10% OFF since I used this month's coupon code.2. It most resembles our home piano and I was able to customize each with a song that would be meaningful to each of my children

……3.  I loved the fact that there was a small jewelry space where  the boys could keep their family heirloom cufflinks.  And where Izzy could store some of the special pieces handed down to her from her grandmothers.

Music Box Gifts

After seeing these gorgeous music boxes you can now understand why once I discovered these miniature musical gems I was hooked.  I now give music boxes as presents for all sorts of occasions. Think birthday presents, anniversary gifts, hostess gifts, corporate holiday gifts, and little gifts of thanks.  Although generally I stick with piano music boxes, I will occasionally send a golf music box as a retirement gift. Or a religious theme music box as a Bat Mitzvah. I have sent music boxes with cross inlays as Communion gifts. And a Ballerina Musical Jewelry Boxes to nieces and young cousins as much coveted birthday presents. The many music box styles available for men are perfect for storing cufflinks, coins, and small family heirlooms.

Not so into jewelry? Use any of these gorgeous music boxes as paper weights on your desk. They also work great for storing paper clips, push pins, and other small office necessities.

Check out all the  piano music boxes at Music Box Attic. Each one is more magnificent then the next. Which one is your favorite!.…....

Party Hearty!

Music Box Attic

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