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Pi Phi Time >> Heart & Arrow Cupcake Kits & Arrow Necklaces

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Hearts & Arrow Cupcake Kit Pi Beta Phi

Hearts & Arrow Cupcake Kit >> if sold out on Amazon, try Etsy!

Pi Phi Time >> Heart & Arrow Cupcake Kits

As you know we are always on the look out for adorable Pi Beta Phi gifts and doodads. We have been huge fans of these Stella & Dot “On the Mark” Arrow Necklace  for a while now but are now pretty much obsessed with these heart and arrow cupcake kits too. How cute would it be to bake cupcakes for Pi Phi big little sister treats or other sorority  parties.

Pi Phi Time >> Arrow Necklaces

And if you haven't bought your arrow necklaces yet, these Stella & Dot necklaces make wonderful Pi Phi gifts. We truly never tire of them. If we could own one and only one piece of jewelry that screamed Pi Beta Phi, it would be this stunning  Stella & Dot “On the Mark” Necklace.  It is amazing how one small icon can embody the essence of a Pi Phi woman:  strong, bold, direct, and purposeful yet subtle, delicate, and feminine.

Buy one for yourself and one for your big and  little sister. Not only will the necklace remind you of where you have been but it will keep you pointed in the right direction going forward.

We found two more arrow necklaces that are pretty darn great too. The first one is a rose gold necklace and the second a perfect friends forever gift.

 Rose Gold Arrow Necklace  Dogeared Friends Forever Crossing Arrows Necklace

Rose Gold Arrow NecklaceDogeared Friends Forever Crossing Arrows Necklace

And finally, if you, or someone who loves you, really wants to splurge check out this stunning pave diamond arrow necklace.

WAIT! Oh wow! look what we just found arrow name necklaces in both silver and gold. #too cute

Pi Phi Time >> Arrow Earrings

Or how about these very trendy winding arrow earrings!Winding Arrow Earrings

Winding Arrow Earrings

Party Hearty!

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