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Pet Lover Holiday Photo Cards

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Featured Pet Lover Holiday Photo Cards >> A Wonderfur Life Pet Holiday Card

For all of you who love your four-legged friends, our friends over at have put together 7 of their favorite pet lover holiday photo cards ! Not surprisingly, they too turned to Minted and Zazzle two of our very favorite stationery merchants. Personally, we think these puppy pictures are a great alternative to family photos , especially as your kids grow up and are no longer interested in posing for the family photo.

Pet Lover Holiday Photo Cards 



One of the main reasons we have chosen to feature Minted is that they offer technology that allows you to upload a photo and then see how your photo will look in all the holiday cards.  We absolutely love this feature because quite often cards we are seriously considering are immediately discarded when we see our pup on the card – the design just does not work with our photo.  Conversely, cards that we were very luke warm about look fabulous when we add Tiger Lily's picture into the mix.  Check it out.  If nothing else, it is a fun time killer!

As you can see – even if we loved the Yappy Howlidays card, it just does not work with our photo.  Woof on the other hand is absolutely perfect!

More Pet Holiday Cards

Zazzle has some great pet cards too! Here are just a few but there are so many many more!

And for those of you who are still Shutterfly devotees … Shutterfly currently offers 3 feature worthy dog holiday cards!


We just happened upon the cutest holiday pet gets! We definitely think you need to treat your pup. Your pet will love pretty much everything and anything at Muttropolis

Party Hearty!

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