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Peace and Love Party Theme, Ideas & Supplies

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Peace and Love Party Theme, Ideas & Supplies

Peace and Love Party Theme, Ideas & Supplies

One of our favorite parties of all times was Portia's Peace and Love theme Bat Mitzvah party. It was not only colorful and festive, the theme was thoughtful and perfectly appropriate for the occasion. Ever since, this theme has sat patiently waiting on our “to do” list. Recently we received an email from Shauna planning her daughter's 8 year old birthday party and looking for “peace and love” theme ideas. So finally we have an excuse to move it right up to the top of our list. As we began gathering the best of the best “Peace and Love” party supplies, we quickly realized its versatility since it can be dressed up and down, made elegant or cute. You can decorate this party in bright neons or in Thanksgiving and holiday colors. Not only is a Peace and Love theme perfect for adult and children birthday parties, sweet sixteen, quinceanera, and Bat Mitzvah celebrations, it is also a meaningful fund raising theme, festive holiday party theme, and great for a kick-back, college party or school dance.

 Peace and Love Party Theme, Ideas & Supplies          Peace and Love Party Theme, Ideas & Supplies          Peace and Love Party Theme, Ideas & Supplies          Peace and Love Party Theme, Ideas & Supplies      Peace and Love Party Theme, Ideas & Supplies

Peace and Love Party Invitations

Invitations are much like the title of a paper — they set the style and tone for the rest of the party. Children particularly love walking by the refrigerator and looking at the invitations. Sometimes the anticipation is almost as fun as the party itself!

Peace Out Girl Hippie Flashing Peace Sign Personalized Invitations Hippie Girl with Peace Sign Girls Invite

Peace Out Girl Personalized InvitationsHippie Girl with Peace Sign Girls Invite

21st Birthday Chill Out Peace Party Invitations Peace Love Joy Invite

21st Birthday Chill Out Peace Party Invitations Peace Love Joy Invite

More Peace and Love Invitations by Zazzle

Peace and Love Party Tableware

Plates, Cups & Napkins

 Groovy Girl Round Dessert Plates   Groovy Girl Hot or Cold Beverage Cups  Groovy Girl Happy Birthday Luncheon Napkins

Groovy Girl Round Dessert PlatesGroovy Girl CupsGroovy Girl Happy Birthday Napkins

 Groovy Girl Luncheon Napkins   Groovy Girl Birthday Beverage Napkins   Groovy Girl Cupcake Pick Decorations with Matching Baking Cup Wrappers

Groovy Girl NapkinsGroovy Girl Beverage NapkinsGroovy Girl Cupcake Pick Decorations w/ Baking Cup Wrappers

Tie Dye Fun Snack Party Pack  Tie Dye Fun Happy Birthday Napkins  Tie Dye Fun Happy Birthday Party Flag Banner

Tie Dye Fun Snack Party PackTie Dye Fun Happy BirthdayNapkinsTie Dye Fun Party Flag Banner

60's Groovy Party Tableware Set Peace Sign Plates

60's Groovy Party Tableware SetPeace Sign Plates Party Accessory


Try making your own peace and love party plates! Simply add a “Peace and Love” sticker to solid colored paper plates and cups.

Peace Love Joy Round Stickers Peace And Love Stickers Peace Hearts Grunge Sticker Cool Peace Love Heart Stickers

Caribbean Blue Wavy Square Plastic Dessert Plates Mimosa (Light Yellow) Dinner Plates Bright Pink Premium Plastic Banquet Dinner Plates Fresh Lime (Lime Green) Dessert Plates

Keychains can easily double as both party favors and napkin rings. Just thread the napkin through the rings or fold your napkin beautifully to create a little pocket to slide your favor into.

 Crystal Keychain Key Chain Peace Sign Logo Dozen Assorted Color Peace Sign Key Chains Key Rings

Crystal Peace KeychainKey Chain Peace Sign Logo | Color Peace Sign Key Chains

Centerpieces and Place Cards 

Feeling Groovy Mini Cascade Centerpiece Peace Sign Sparkle Centerpiece Beistle 57326 1-Pack 60's Bus Centerpiece

Feeling Groovy Mini Cascade Centerpiece | Peace Sign Sparkle CenterpieceBeistle 60's Bus Centerpiece

Fields of Europe Happy Birthday Floral Arrangement “Celebrate the Day” Present Bouquet Garden Inspiration Floral Centerpiece

1 800 Flowers  | 1 800 Baskets | FTD | GiftTree | Teleflora

Deep Pink and White Peace Symbol Table Card Funky Rainbow Peace Symbol Table Card Orchid Numbered Heart Table Card

Deep Pink and White Peace Table CardFunky Rainbow Peace Symbol Table CardOrchid Numbered Heart Table Card

 Wilton Photo Clip Favor Kit New Star 12 Pc Table Number Holder Table Card Holder Table Number Stand Place Card Holder

Wire Heart Card Holders | Table Number Holder

Peace and Love Treats

Peace Sign Chocolate Choclatique Hearts

Peace Sign ChocolateChoclatique Hearts

Smile Face:Peace Bar Chocolate Candy Mold Peace, Love, Cookies Gift Tower

Smile Face/Peace Bar Chocolate Candy MoldPeace, Love, Cookies Gift Tower

Peace and Love Party Decor

Add some peace and love themed balloons to affordably decorate your party space!

Peace Sign Love Latex Balloons  Peace Sign & Daisies Mylar Foil Balloon LOVE 60's Rainbow Daisies Peace Tye Tie Dye Hippie Diamond Mylar Balloon

Peace and Love Balloons

Tie Dye Pinata Kit Pink Daisy Flower Pinata

Tie Dye Pinata Kit | Pink Daisy Flower Pinata

 Retro String Decorations Feeling Groovy Paper Fan Decorations Feeling Groovy Swirl Decorations

Retro String DecorationsFeeling Groovy Paper Fan DecorationsFeeling Groovy Swirl Decorations

Groovy Bus Standee Basic Set the Stage Retro Party Kit

Groovy Bus StandeeBasic Set the Stage Retro Party Kit

Giant Lighted Peace Sign Retro Symbols & Flowers

Giant Lighted Peace SignRetro Symbols & Flowers

More Peace and Love Decor by Shindigs  & Amazon

Peace and Love Party Favors

Light-Up Peace Sign Puffer Yo-Yo Light up Peace Sign Bracelet

Light-Up Peace Sign Puffer Yo-YoLight up Peace Sign Bracelet Asst

Colorful Peace Sign Buttons Peace Sign Necklaces Peace Sign Temporary Tattoos

Colorful Peace Sign ButtonsPeace Sign Necklaces | Peace Sign Temporary Tattoos

Jumbo Peace Sign Glasses Peace Sign Pencil PEACE SIGN Canvas TOTE Bags

Jumbo Peace Sign GlassesPeace Sign PencilPEACE SIGN Canvas TOTE Bags

Peace Sign Cello Loot Bags  Peace Sign Symbol Blue Muslin Cotton Gift Party Favor Bags Small Colorful Peace Sign Purse

Cello Loot Bags 25 CountPeace Sign SymbolCotton Gift BagsSmall Colorful Peace Sign Purse

Peace and Love Party Costumes

Children's Peace and Love 60s Costumes

Dancing Queen Tween Costume Kids Hippie Costume  Big Girls' Peace & Love Hippie Costume

Dancing Queen Tween CostumeKids Hippie CostumePeace & Love Hippie Costume

Forum Novelties Baby Boy's Lil' Rock Star Baby Hippie Costume Tie Dye Hippie Child Costume Peace Baby Hippie Costume for Girl's

Lil' Rock Star Baby Hippie CostumeTie Dye Hippie Child CostumePeace Baby Hippie Costume

More Peace & Love Costumes for Children & Babies

Women's Peace and Love 60s Costumes

Hippie Love Child Adult Costume  Flower Power Hippie Adult Costume Wild Swirl Dress Adult Costume Harmony Womens Hippie Dress Costume

Hippie Love Child Adult CostumeFlower Power Hippie Adult Costume | Wild Swirl Dress Adult Costume | Harmony Womens Hippie Dress Costume

More Peace & Love Costumes for Women

Men's Peace and Love 60s Costumes

Hippie Man Adult Plus Costume Faux Suede Hippie Vest Costume Franco American Novelty Hippie Dude Costume

More Peace and Love Costumes for Men

Peace and Love 60s Costume Accessories 

Franco American Novelty Long Black Hippie Costume Wig Peace Sign Necklaces John Lennon Colored Sunglasses

Hippie Costume WigsPeace Sign Necklaces Hippie Sunglasses

Women's No Show Low Cut Peace Socks  Fuzzy Socks with Peace Signs

Women's low cut Peace and Love Socks | Fuzzy Socks with Peace Signs

Peace Finger Chain! & Jewelry

Moonar Gold Plated Peace Love Charming Rhinestones Thin Simple Chain Double Ring Finger Ring  Crystal Peace Drop Earrings

Gold Plated Peace Chain Double Ring | Crystal Peace Drop Earrings

Peace and Love Theme Children's Birthday Party Ideas 

Party Idea Pros has an “old fashion” approach to kids’ parties. We say keep them small, keep them short, and keep them simple. We love hula hoops, beach balls,, crayons, washable markers, glue sticks, and musical instruments. Generally, the number of guest should equal the age of the birthday child, but don’t obsess if you are a few over or under — it is not worth the hurt feelings for an extra child or even two. Never, ever deliver invitations at school, unless every single child is invited!!!!! Save money – skip the jumpies and the pony rides. As your child gets older, slumber parties are popular but again, keep it small. Don't plan any party that will overwhelm you or your child! As always, proper supervision is key. Better slightly hovering than absent.

For a great kids Peace and Love party there are only a few essentials:

  • A great invitation — even before the party begins invitations create a sense of anticipation. Think of all the time your own child spends looking at those invitations on your refrigerator.
  • Great Peace and Love theme paper goods
  • A cluster or two of latex balloons mixed with some fabulous mylar Peace and Love shaped balloons (be especially careful of latex balloons if you have very young children present) or other Peace and Love party decor
  • Four activities: Generally, a Peace and Love Party theme appeals to an elementary age girl so consider a “doing” activity such as baking and decorating peace and love cookies or better yet, how about adding half an hour of children's yoga; a craft activity such as making no sew peace and love fleece blankets to be donated to your local children's hospital or homeless shelter; and a game activity like, “hippy limbo to groovy music”, and to end the party, a chance to break the pinata.
  • For food and drink consider serving healthy and green choices. Serve granola, plain or with vanilla yogurt . For drinks set up a fresh squeezed juice bar or smoothie station – the girls could even squeeze their own orange juice! A colorful salad bar with sprouts would add a healthy hippy vibe.

Party Hearty!

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  • shauna
    November 11, 2011 at 4:07 pm

    Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into this! My daughter loved all the cool ideas you have found her mind is now running crazy! She loved that you went with the newer peace with the bright colors and no so much the tie dye. Thanks again!

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