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Everything Passover Planning Ideas Supplies

Everything Passover Planning Ideas Supplies >> Passover Card

Everything Passover Planning, Ideas & Supplies

Passover 2016 begins at sunset on Friday April 22nd. Whether you are hosting a small intimate seder or organizing a community-wide seder, there is still time to order your Passover supplies and all the little extras that will make your Pesach celebration even more memorable than usual.

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Quick Overview: What is Passover?

Passover (Pesach) commemorates the exodus from Egypt. On the first two nights there is a Passover seder, and the story is retold from the Haggadah. For all of Passover it is forbidden to eat Chametz (leavening). PartyIdeaPros.com turns to either Judaica.com and Amazon.com for just about everything we need to prepare for, and celebrate Passover.


The Passover Haggadah is recited during the Seder on the first and second nights of Passover. Since it is proper to discuss the Exodus at length on Passover many people get Haggadahs with commentaries by Jewish sages. In fact, some people buy a new Haggadah every year to ensure they have something new to say at the Seder!

Here are just a few of the many Haggadahs.

Passover Haggadahs

Seder Plates

A Seder Plate is used to hold the items used during the Passover Seder. Since these items are referred to throughout the first part of the seder, the Seder Plate is the center of the seder. Many beautiful and artistic Seder Plates are available in a variety of materials.

Here are just a few of the many gorgeous seder plates available in a range of styles, colors and prices.

Matzah Plates and Matzah Covers

Matzah (unleavened bread) is eaten on Passover to commemorate the exodus from Egypt. Three Matzahs are used while reading the Haggadah and during the Passover holiday meal. There are many plates, covers and boxes to beautifully present your Matzahs during your seder.

Seder Pillows, Elijah Cups, Horseradish, Wash Cups

A little about Elijah Cups & Miriam Cups  >>Miriam Cup in Passover seder is a new ritual that originated at Boston Rosh Chodesh (New Month) group in the late 1980s. The cup may be placed next to the Elijah Cup and is filled with water to commemorate the Living Water from the Miriam Well, the well that produced water as long as Miriam lived. This contemporary tradition emphasizes the role of Miriam, Moses' sister, and Jewish women in general in the exodus from Egypt.

Passover Tableware

Set an elegant seder table and keep the clean up easy with this selection of paper, plastic, and melamine tableware. From slavery in Egypt to freedom in Jerusalem, a colorful illustrations of the Exodus are accompanied by matzahs.

Passover Placemats

Scrapbook paper is a fun and inexpensive alternative to traditional placemats.  They are also fun to use over solid tablecloths – they define each guests personal space.

Double-sided Passover Scrapbooking Paper- Retro Seder Plate    Passover Scrapbooking Paper - Four Fab Cups    Passover Scrapbooking Paper- Freedom Dove

Scrapbooking Paper >> Retro Seder Plate | Four Fab Cups | Freedom Dove | Not pictured: Family Together

Passover Place Cards

We are officially obsessed with these free printable Four Questions Place Cards we found over at Almost Makes Perfect.  We were just talking to a client and lamenting the fact that cute place cards with a modern  sensibility are almost nonexistent and then we found these.

Free Printable Four Questions Passover Place Cards

Click here to download

These are probably among the prettiest true Pesach placards we have found!


We are so excited! This year we have found a new treasure trove of interesting place card ideas!

Passover Place Cards

Passover Place Cards

The Little Extras for Your Passover Kitchen

Bedikas Chometz Kit

Bedikas Chometz Kit

Bedikas Chometz Kit  >> Kit includes 1 feather, 1 10″ wooden spoon, and 1 beeswax candle. Includes the prayers for bedikas chometz.

Candy Torahs

Yes, we know these Candy Torahs don't quite work and they are not Kosher L'Pesach but if you do not keep a kosher Passover, these Candy Torahs make great table decorations and even better place cards. Order early.  You can even customize the “torah cover”

Candy Torahs

Passover Cootie Catchers

Are these Pesach theme cootie catchers absolutely adorable?  We love that they double as table decor and conversation starters!
Passover Cootie Catchers
Passover Cootie Catchers

Kosher Wines

With Pesach quickly approaching we have begun exploring various options for purchasing a few cases of Kosher wines for our seders (Yes, we need quite a bit of wine to serve the 60+ guests over the two nights). This year, we turned to our friends over at KosherWine. com and JWines.com to see what they were offering.  Basically we look to KosherWine for good table wines. And as usual, they are offering mixed cases of wine starting at $99.71 during their annual Passover wine sale. On the other hand, JWines is our go to merchant for premier Kosher wines. These wines tend to be a bit more expensive but be sure to check out their sale page for some great gets! JWines also offer wine club options, including an Israeli Wine Club, for all your Kosher gifting needs.

Passover Food & Candy


We just found these more unusual Kosher for Passover Goodies!


Ny Times Passover Cookbook   Passover Made Easy: Favorite Triple-Tested Recipes   Passover Seders Made Simple

NY Times Passover Cookbook | Passover Made Easy | Seders Made Simple

Passover Music and DVDs

Passover Seder Sing-A-Long      Seder Nights      The Greatest Hits of Pesach

DVDs & CDs

Games and Activities for Your Passover Seder

Many of these toys make for playful place cards or fun additions to your seder table decorations.

Favorite Children's Passover Stories

The Carp In the Bathtub      Mrs. Katz and Tush       Only Nine Chairs
The Carp In the Bathtub | Mrs. Katz and Tush | Only Nine Chairs | More Children's Books


Although not strictly for Pesach, these sports kippot are really fun, So if you are having a sports theme simcha (or seder), be sure to check them out! Very Limited supplies.

Chag Sameach!

We just discovered this new video.  Again, thank you Kosher on a Budget, you always post the best videos on FB 🙂

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