Adorable Jungle Safari Party Clothes

Adorable Jungle Safari Party Outfits

Adorable Jungle Safari Party Clothes

Every once in a while we come across a company or line we think embodies the spirit of one of our celebration party packages.  This doesn't mean the print on a dress or shirt matches the invitations that also matches the paper goods but rather the entire line or at least a handful of pieces in the line captures the essence of the party we envision. What is more perfect for a jungle safari theme party than a company that celebrates the unique beauty and diversity of people around the world  and modern design and has successfully fused its passion to fashion.  Tea Collection's  adorable collection of children's clothing captures the essence  of the jungle without being excessively campy or cartoonish.

Although we love the entire Spring collection below are a few of our absolute favorite jungle safari party outfits!

I absolutely adore the Dancing Fern Dress. The colors and design make this the perfect dress for a school picture or a casual family gathering.

Tea Collection Dancing Fern DressTea Collection Jungle Flower Dress

Tea Collection Dancing Fern Dress | Tea Collection Jungle Flower Top | Tea Collection Jungle Flower Dress | Tea Collection Artisan Ikat Knot Dress

Boys will love the Monkey King Tee inspired by the Ramayana Monkey Chant dance in Bali.

Tea Collection Tiger Jungle 5-piece setTea Collection Monkey King Tee

Tea Collection Tiger Jungle Tee | Tea Collection Tiger Jungle 5-piece set  | Tea Collection Monkey King Tee

Party Hearty!

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