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HOW2 Party Beauty Tips

HOW2 Party Beauty Tips

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PartyIdeaPros is fortunate to have access to a wealth of information that can help make planning your next event just a bit easier. Although our main Video Gallery features the best of the best HOW2 party planning videos, recently, we we were asked if we have any resources available to help you get dressed and ready for your special night out.  So we went to our dear friend and beauty expert, Esteban Lopez, better known simply as Estie, for his input and advice.  With his typical aplomb, Estie directed us to his recently posted make-up tutorials which we are pleased to be able to offer to our visitors.

First, a little about Estie and Esties' International

Esties International Make-up Tutorials

As Estie's loyal and enthusiastic clientele will readily attest, Estie has been quietly working his magic on men and women of all ages and ethnicities for many years in his elite San Diego based salon, but with the recent launch of Esties' International, Esties  private label products and beauty secrets are now available worldwide, 24/7 with point and click simplicity.  Esties' International  is quickly becoming a leader in the make-up & hair care industry.

Estie’s on-line store has over four hundred products hand selected for each of their own specialty in quality related to those items specific needs. From a hair line that has one of the best Color Protector Shampoo’s to Treatment and Conditioner, Esties' can quickly become your one stop resource for all make-up and hair care products. Estie only puts his name on products he uses and is proud to call “excellent.” So please, be sure to check out Esties' on-line store and stop by often to check for product sales and new beauty tips and advice.


Here are just a couple of the make-up tutorial videos available

How2 Apply Disco Era Inspired Makeup


How2 Apply Contouring Makeup


How2 Apply a Smokey Eye


Estie is now offering a customized make-up plan specifically tailored to your needs  — just submit a photo!.  Be sure to tell Estie what type of event you are attending and let him know Marcia sent you.

Party Hearty!

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