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Cocktails On the Go Party Favor Flasks

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Cocktails on the go party favor flasks

Cocktails On the Go Party Favor Flasks

Ladies – is this not a “funtastic” way to combine cocktail hour and your party favors.  We are obsessed.  You are going to serve cocktails in some type of drink ware  anyway so why not serve them in these adorable re-usable flasks that can now double as your party favor.  #toocute  How perfect are these Cocktails On the Go party favor flasks for your next ladies night cocktail hour or bachelorette party.  Plus they are available in different designs.  Just fill them with your favorite cocktail or mock cocktail recipe and display them in a lovely personalized party tub or antiqued copper tub like the one in the featured image.  They are actually easier to handle than holding a traditional cocktail glass and your guests will not have to worry about inadvertent spills.  You can even offer an awesome straw, if you like. Be sure to remind your guests that the party favor flasks are theirs to keep and use over and over again.  Serve refills from a vintage chic punch bowl with handy funnels available for refilling the flasks. And think of all the glasses you will now not have to wash!

 cocktails on the go party favors    Cocktails On the Go Party Favors

Cocktails On The Go Reusable Plastic Flask Set | Cocktails On The Go Resealable Plastic Flask Set | Plain Reusable Plastic Flasks |

Cocktails on the Go Description 

  • UNDETECTABLE  >> These flasks are completely non-metallic and can pass through any metal detector/scanner with no problem. And because they are flexible and collapsible, they take up less space than bottles.
  • DURABLE  >> These flasks are made of durable, puncture resistant, BPA-free plastic that is easy to clean, store, and take with you. They are good for you and the environment. VERSATILE -These flasks can be used for any non-carbonated liquid. The plastic is food grade and can be frozen over and over providing cool drinks for you all day long.
  • REUSABLE  >>Simple to clean with soap and water. Resealable lids create a solid, leak-proof seal that you can count on.
  • STURDY >> Flasks are designed with a unique bottom that will allow them to stand up when filled with liquid.

How festive would it be to use these black & silver and red & silver Flasks2Go at New Year's Eve and Christmas parties. The presentation is unique and playful and would set the tone for the entire evening!

 Flasks2Go - Red and Silver    Flasks2Go - Black and Silver


Party Hearty!

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