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Chic Painted Pumpkin Centerpiece Ideas

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Chic Painted Pumpkin Vase with FlowersChic Painted Pumpkin Centerpiece | Fall Party Planning

We love this painted pumpkin vase with fresh flowers that showed up on our Facebook feed from Beau-coup, one of our favorite party favor merchants.  Yes, flowers always look great in pumpkins but an orange pumpkin with fall flowers is very predictable.  All they did in this photo was spray paint this pumpkin white and add a chic contemporary floral arrangement to create a fresh centerpiece look for fall.  We love the painted pumpkin displayed on the acacia cake stand also!

We also think this idea would translate well to an intimate dinner party or could even be used at each place setting as a place card / party favor (one per couple is just fine!).  Simply use a miniature painted pumpkin and add a handful of freshly picked ombre flowers...

We are definitely adding this to our We <3 Fall Pinterest board as we gather ideas for this year's Thanksgiving festivities.

If you are hesitating because you have no interest in working quite so hard to carve out the pumpkin and use floral foam to create a Pinterest perfect arrangement, we found an easy solution. Check out this white glazed pumpkin vase! It will make arranging the flowers soooo much easier!


Last night we happened upon a carved pumpkin display with some stunning pumpkin art but we were particularly taken with a pumpkin that had a rectangular cut out specifically designed for inserting an iPad. It was genius and could make for a spectacular Thanksgiving centerpiece especially if you insert your iPad filled with home movies and family photos into this chic painted pumpkin centerpiece. We highly recommend spray painting the cut-out too!

Party Hearty!

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