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“Give Back” Holiday Party Craft Activity >> No Sew Blankets

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Today's mom's have little trouble creating beautiful and festive children's birthday party celebrations but sometimes between our own crazy busy schedules and the quest to throw the this year's most talked about event, we forget to add the little things that make the day especially meaningful. We think it is important for kids to know how much we love them but equally important for them to understand they are not the center of the universe. Children need to learn and develop  a healthy sense of self which includes compassion and caring of others. What better day to teach this lesson than on the very day they are lavished with gifts. Teach by example – integrate a “Give back” craft activity into your child's birthday party in addition the the usual birthday fun and party games.

And with the holiday spirit upon us, why wait for your child's next birthday party. This “Give Back” craft activity would be a wonderful addition to any classroom holiday party and equally brilliant to incorporate into your own kid-friendly holiday celebrations.

“Give Back” Holiday Party Craft Activity >> No Sew Blankets

No Sew Blankets

Our favorite “Give Back” party activity is making easy no sew fleece blankets for homeless shelters and local children or seniors in need.  This activity is super simple, appropriate for all ages and sexes and can seamlessly (yes, pun intended) fit into most party themes. Today we are featuring Christmas themed fabrics but you can just as easily use fleece fabrics featuring sports teams, puppies, or Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig characters.

Winter Fleece Fabric for No Sew Blankets

Winter Fleece Fabric for No Sew Blankets

Basically if you can use a scissors and tie a knot you can make this blanket.  All you need is cute fleece fabric, scissors, and a ruler or tape measure. Depending on the age of the children involved you may want to pre-cut 6″ (or 4″) square cut out from each corner.

No Sew Fleece Blanket Materials

How2 Make a No Sew Fleece Blanket

  • Lay the two pieces of fleece out so that right sides are facing out. Make sure the edges are even and remember to cut off the selvage edge from both pieces.
  • Cut out a 6″ square from each corner.   On all four sides, cut slits all the way around that are 6″ deep and approximately 1 1/2″ apart.  Cut through both layers of fleece at the same time so the fringe will be in pairs.
  • Knot each pair in an overhand knot.  To tie an overhand knot, keep the two pieces of fleece together (as it they were one piece) and wrap them around your finger forming a loop.  Then, pass the ends through the loop you made and pull tight.The knot should be close to the actual blanket.  Continue knotting each of the pairs all the way around.

For a larger adult size blanket use 2 yards of each fabric.   And we think for small children and toddlers you can get away with using even less fabric especially if the blanket is meant more for “shlepping” around as a security blanket rather than for warmth.

Party Hearty!

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