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Memorial Day Party Decor Ideas

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Memorial Day Party Decor Ideas

Memorial Day is just around the corner but there is still plenty of time to order a few extras to add a festive touch to your party and you don't need to spend a fortune to do so.  We love the little pin wheel and stars and stripes fans.  M & M candies are fun, easy and inexpensive party favor.  Good looking paper plates and napkins are always essential.  Throw a few small vases filled with swirl pops around the room intermixed with this simple fresh flower arrangement (ok – we admit, no matter how great our decor, it never seems quite complete unless we have at least one vase of fresh flowers). And finally, American flags remind us of the meaning of Memorial Day.

Patriotic Party Decorations & Props

Printable Patriotic Party Kit

Printable Patriotic Party Kit

U.S. Of Yay Stars Stripes Patriotic Party Supplies

U.S. Of Yay! Patriotic Party Supplies 

Patriotic Party Favors

Patriotic M&M Party Favor PacksPatriotic M&M Party Favor Packs | Red Swirl Pops | Aqua Blue Swirl Pops 

Patriotic Paper Goods

Think out out of the box on your paper goods. Tableware prints need not be stars and stripes. We love these blue and white floral and toile patterns and this Draper James plaid is fabulous.

Amalfi Blues and White Tableware Set
Red White and Blue Plaid TablewareToile of My Love Blue and White Tableware Set

Modern Chic Tableware | Add a Splash of Red!

Patriotic Tableware

Patriotic Party Plates

Patriotic Paper Goods and Party Supplies

Patriotic July 4th Party Plates, Cupcake Liners, & Star Straws

Patriotic July 4th Party Plates, Cupcake Liners, & Star Straws

red_plastic_cutlery       white_plastic_cutlery       blue plastic cutlery

Red, White & Blue Cutlery 

Patriotic Flower Arrangements 

Whether you are hosting a get together or attending one, celebrate the spirit of freedom with a bouquet of red, white and blue!

This is so frustrating — we must apologize – we cannot keep up with the constantly changing floral links so rather than continue to send you to places that no longer exist, we have decided to just post pictures for inspiration and recommend you check out the current selection at our “go to” florists!

Patriotic Centerpieces

Mylar Centerpieces

For an affordable yet festive centerpiece, combine mylar centerpieces with balloons, stuffed animals, or fresh picked garden flowers.

Patriotic Decorations Kit

Patriotic Decorations Kit


 Red Star Balloon  Red Star Balloon

 Red Prismatic Star Foil Balloon | Blue Star Foil Balloon

 Red Party Balloons  Blue Party BalloonsBright White Latex Balloons

Red Balloons | Blue Balloons | White Balloons

Patriotic Party Supplies

Patriotic Party Decor & Supplies

Prefer simplicity? Line three custom labeled Jones Soda bottles down the center of your table. Add just a few red, white and blue flowers in each.

Red White Blue Jones Soda

Jones Soda

And add a burlap American flag to any glass or vase for an elevated touch.

Liberty Burlap American Flags Party Decor

Liberty Burlap American Flags Party Decor

Patriotic Party Games

Party games can serve a decor too, especially if hosting your celebration outdoors!

Patriotic American Wood Yard Dice

Stars Lawn Dice

American Corn Hole Toss

American Flag Corn Hole Toss

Red Blue Stars Carnival Ring Toss

Red, Blue &  Stars Carnival Ring Toss

Even printable games, artfully placed throughout your space, can serve as both decor and fun activities!

Printable 4th of July Game Bundles

Printable 4th of July Game Bundles

Party Hearty!

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