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“Make it a Double!” Couples Costume Party

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Featured couples costume party costume >> Handmade Barbie and Ken Halloween Costume

Halloween Couples Costumes Party


“Make it a Double!” Couples Costume Party

DOUBLE YOUR PLEASURE, DOUBLE YOUR FUN!  A fun-filled couples costume party theme with built in entertainment whether you are hosting a college party, a couples shower, or a Halloween party.

Searching for the perfect couple's costume? Party Idea Pros offers lots of matched pairs — some serious, some formal, some sexy, and some downright silly.

Costume Party Invitations

Before we get to the costumes, choosing your invitation is the equivalent of the title of a paper … it sets the tone for the entire party, even a casual party!

King & Queen (Doxies - W choc piebald) invitation  skulls halloween red black invitation  freaky vintage couple halloween party invitation romantic french style invitation frankenstein date halloween party invite elegant glamorous skeletons halloween party invitation

Skulls Halloween red black invitation | Elegant Glamorous Skeletons Halloween Invitations | Freaky Vintage Couple Halloween Party Invitatons | Romantic French Style Invitation | Frankenstein & Date Halloween Party Invite

Instead of invitations …

Simply present your date with a pack of Doublemint gum. And if you you want to make a big splash to attract a great crowd, throw bags and bags of Dubble Bubble on your favorite fraternity and sorority lawns — a fun and clever way to remind everyone to line up their “double,” pick out their costumes, and get ready to party!

 Doublemint Gum   Dubble Bubble Gum

DOUBLE YOUR PLEASURE, DOUBLE YOUR FUN! >> Doublemint Gum | Dubble Bubble

Couples Costume Party Libations

Doubles only!
(Always drink responsibly. Never drink and drive. And please, do not serve alcohol to anyone under the legal drinking age!)

The Costumes

Click on the links or pictures for details but remember, the photos below just give you the overall look. Quite often you can choose from a variety of options ranging from almost dowdy to quite sexy, so be sure to click on the “see more” links option when you visit the costume site.

Day of the Dead Couples Costumes

Day of the Dead Couples Costumes


Fred & Wilma Costumes

Doctor & Nurse Couples Costumes

Doctor & Nurse Couples Costumes

GreeK & Roman Couples Costumes

Greek & Roman Couples Costumes

Hippie Couples Costumes

Hippie Couples Costumes


Grease 50's Couples Costumes

Star Wars Couples Costumes

Star Wars Couples Costumes

Cave Couples Costumes

Cave Couples Costumes

Vikings Couple Costumes

Vikings Couple Costumes

Pirates Couples Costumes

Pirates Couples Costumes

Big Bad Wolf & Little Red Riding Hood Couples Costumes

Big Bad Wolf & Little Red Riding Hood Couples Costumes

 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Raphael Adult Dress  Ninja Turtles Movie Deluxe Leonardo Child CostumeTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Deluxe Donatello Adult CostumeTMNT - Michelangelo

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Couples Costumes

popeye & olive oyl couples costumes

Popeye & Olive Oyl couples Costumes

Devil & Angel Couples Costumes

Devil & Angel Couples Costumes

Sherlock Holmes & Jack the Ripper Couples Costume

Sherlock Holmes & Jack the Ripper Couples Costumes | Detective Hat With Costume Pipe & Magnifying Glass

Robin Hood & Maid Marion Couples Costumes

Robin Hood & Maid Marion Couples Costumes

Evis & Marilyn Monroe Couples Costumes

Evis & Marilyn Monroe Couples Costumes

Toy Story Couples Costumes

Toy Story Couples Costumes

Game of Thrones Couples Costumes

Game of Thrones Couples Costumes | More Game of Thrones Fashion Inspiration

1920s Couples Costumes

1920’s Couples Costumes | More Great Gatsby Costume Ideas

Patriotic Couples Costumes

Patriotic Couples Costumes

Frankenstein Couples Costumes

Frankenstein Couples Costumes

Hansel Costumes  Gretel Costume

Hansel & Gretel Couples Costumes

Disney Princess Jasmine Costume  Disney Aladdin Costume

Jasmine & Aladdin Couples Costumes

Disney Cinderella-Prince Charming-Costume    Disney Cinderella-Costume

*Prince Charming & Cinderella Couples Costumes

Dalmatian & Cruella Couples Costumes

Dalmatian Couples Costumes | Cruella Costumes

womens minion costume  

Minions Couples Costumes

Frozen Couples Costumes

Frozen Couples Costumes Frozen Cosplay Couples Costumes

 Egyptian Pharaoh Costume   *Cleopatra Costume

Cleopatra Costume & Pharaoh Costume Couples Costumes

Mix & Match Superheroes to Create Super Couples!

Superhero Costumes

Custom-sewn Superhero Costumes | Unique Superhero Costumes | Sexy Superhero Costumes | Plus Size Superhero Costumes

Superhero Men's Costumes

Custom-sewn Superhero Costumes | Unique Superhero Costumes | Plus Size Superhero Costumes | More Superhero Costumes

Captain America & Agent Peggy_Carter Couples Costumes

Captain America | Agent Peggy Carter >> Royal Blue Suit | Blue Blazer | Blue Pencil Skirt | White Button-Down | Red Panama Hat | T-Strap Heels | Rimmel London Lipstick

Royal Family Masks


Royal Family Masks | King & Queen Couples Costumes

Zombie Couples Costumes

Zombie Couples Costumes

 Mermaid Costume  Poseiden Costume

Mermaid Costumes | Poseiden Costume | Neptune Wig

womens circus ring master costume  mens circus ringmaster costume

Circus Ring Master Costumes

couples serape costume

Adult Serape Costume

Mardi Gras Couples Costumes & Accessories

Mardi Gras Couples Costumes & Accessories

scooby doo fred costume  scooby doo daphne costume

Scooby Doo Fred & Daphne Couples Costumes

Scooby doo Shaggy Costume  Scooby doo Velma Costume

Scooby Doo Shaggy & Velma Couples Costumes

Matrix Couples Costume Matrix Costume

Matrix Couples Costumes

Peter Pan Costume  Tinkerbell Costume

Peter Pan & Tinkerbell Couples Costumes

Little Red Riding Hood Costume  Wolf Granny Halloween Costume

Little Red Riding Hood | Granny/Wolf Costume

. Mens Mad Hatter Costume  *Alice in Wonderland Costumes   Deluxe Mad Hatter Costume

Alice in Wonderland Costumes | Mad Hatter Costumes

Ripped from the Headlines

Couples Halloween Costumes Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump Wig | Donald Trump Suit | Trump for President | HIllary Clinton Mask | Hillary Clinton Signature Pant Suit | Hillary Clinton for President

Ripped from the Headlines Triple Crown Winners

Horse & Jockey Couples Costume >> Jockey Costume | Horse Kigurumi (Onesie) | Horse on a Stick

The United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality for all. At last, #LoveWins.

Love wins

Large Selection of Hers & Hers Bridal Gowns Priced at just $49.95! | His & His Tuxedoes

Between Burning Man and Coachella, music and art festivals are more popular than ever. And these festivals are quite the spectacle, with people dressing up in costumes to beat the summer heat while looking fashionably outrageous. Burning Man’s fashion was even featured in an article in the New York Times! We love the idea of incorporating festival fashion into a Halloween costume

Burning Man & Festival Couples Costumes

Holographic Catsuit | Man's Holographic JumpsuitMore costumes from Sea Dragon Studio


Just in case you missed the video >>  Pizza Rat video

Couples Costumes Ripped from the Headlines Pizza Rat

Pizza Rat Couples Costumes (Great for Same Sex Couples too!) >> Pizza Slice Adult Costume | Mouse Nose | Mouse Costumes

Formal Costumes

 Gothic Vampire Elite Collection Adult Costume Gothic Vampira Elite Collection Adult Costume

Gothic Vampires

Jack Skellington    Christmas Sally Adult Costume

Jack Skellington | Christmas Sally Adult Costume

Monster Formal Wear Couples Costumes

Monster TuxedoBride of Frankenstein

Pimp Costume          Sexy Pimp Costume

Pimp  | Sexy Pimp

  Adult Icelyn Winter Princess Costume

Blue Tuxedo | Icelyn Winter Princess

Cute for her. Wearable for him.

Butterfly & Butterfly Catcher

  Bushman Costume    Butterfly Costume

I like the butterfly catcher idea so much did a bit of research and basically found no off the rack costumes except this bushman costume in very limited sizes

So even better — create your own butterfly catcher costume. Have your man wear a khaki shirt and/or safari vest, khaki shorts, safari, bushman hat or boonie hat, hiking boots, and carry a butterfly net. If you don't care for this butterfly costume, there are lots more options to choose from!

Pink Flamingo

We are obsessed with these sexy for her, easy for him couples flamingo costumes! Thank you Izzy for the inspiration!

Support the Troops

 top gun mens flight suit costume   top gun women's flight dress costume

*Top Gun Flight Suit Adult Costumes

 sexy camo dress      sergeant in arms costume

*Khaki Camo Adult Costumes

 seafaring sailor costume    sailor pin-up costume

Sailor Costumes

The Couple that Plays Together,  Stays Together

 Football Player Costumes  female football player costume

Football Player – Male Costume | Football Player – Female Costume

For this look any matching soccer uniforms will work. For her — just roll the sleeves and tie the shirt so it is shorter or better yet, cut the both the length and the sleeves with pinking sheers.

 womens gone golfing costume  mens gone golfing costume

Golfing Couple

The Playboy Club

 playboy mens smoking jacket   Playboy Hef Smoking Jacket

Playboy Men’s Smoking Jacket  | Playboy Ladies Smoking Jacket 

Top Chef

 Womens Chef Adult Costume  Mens Chef Costume

Chef Hat and Apron Set

Cute for Her, T-Shirts for Him

If you are encountering extreme resistance, pair just about any female costume with a matching t-shirt or hoody for him.

A few examples 

daphne costume Scooby Doo Airbrush Pose 3 shirt  scooby doo airbrush pose

Fred & Daphne (Scooby-Doo) Costumes | Scooby Doo T-Shirts

Toy Story Jessie Costume  Toy Story Woody T-Shirt

Toy Story Jesse Costume  | Woody

Jack & Coke Couples Costumes

Jack & Coke Couples Costumes

Jack Daniel’s No 7 Mens Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt | Jack Daniel’s Hat : Side Stamp Old No. 7 | Coca Cola Dresses

Sexy for her. Sexy for him.

 aphrodite costume  spartan warrior costume

Aphrodite | Spartan

Humorous (Silly) Costumes
Humorous Silly Couples Costumes

More Silly Costumes
More Humorous Couples Costumes

Funny Couples Costumes

Tacky Traveler | EmoticonsA Christmas Story | Food

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Couples Mascot Costume | Donald Duck and Daisy Duck Couples Mascot Costume | Donald & Daisy Duck


His & Her Board Game Costumes

Gameboard Costumes for Couples. Halloween costumes, game night party, group costumes

Costumes. Simple. Cheap.

Graffiti Costumes …

A simple white unisex t-shirt worn either with jeans or with white shorts or sweatpants work as a simple fashion forward costume. Just take fabric markers or even cans of spray paint (the shirts will be a little stiff if you spray them) and “tag” the shirts with just about anything you like.

White T-Shirt   White Boxers

White T-Shirts | White Sweatpants | White Shorts & White Boxers | Don't forget the multi-colored fabric markers.

Not into DIY? Try these graffiti party inspired t-shirts, shoes, ties

 Graffiti writer with spray can stencil shirt  Graffitis story design shirt   Rock Star Graffiti tie

Graffiti writer with spray can stencil | Graffitis story design | Rock Star Graffiti Tie

Graffiti Girl Costume   Grafitti Leggings    Graffiti High Heels

Graffiti Costume | Graffiti Leggings | Graffiti Heels

Cowboy and Cowgirl

Cowboy Costume   Cowgirl Costume

Cowboy Costume | or keep it simple – wear jeans, boots, Cowboy hat, and a bandana(optional).

Top Chef

Chef Costume

Chef Hat and Apron Set — Buy one for her and one for him!

Check out our latest post on Halloween Costume Trends >> Wear Outfits, Not Costumes

Candy Corn Costumes

 candy corn monster t_shirts   candy-corn-costume

Candy Corn Monster | Candy Corn Witch Adult Costume

Legends of the Hidden Temple Costume

For those of you who grew up during the '90s watching Legends of the Hidden Temple these throwback costumes will definitely elicit smiles and bring back lots of memories of what some might say was #thebestshowever.  This can be a couples costume, a group costume or a family costume! Don't forget the helmets, name tags & protective gear!

Legends of the Hidden Temple

The Most Simple Couples Costume Ever!

trick_couples_halloween_costume_t_shirts  treat couples halloween costume t-shirts 

Trick Couples Halloween Costume | Treat Couples Halloween Costume | Also available in coordinating sweatshirts

Same Sex Couples

Same Sex Couples Costumes

Saturday Night Live Ace & Gary  |  Beavis And Butthead

 luigi costume   mario costume

Super Mario Bros >> Luigi  Costume | Mario Deluxe Adult Costume

 batman costume     Robin Costume

Batman Brave & Bold Deluxe Muscle Chest Adult Costume | Batman DC Comics Robin Adult Costume

  robin hood costume    friar tuck costume

Robin Hood Adult Costume | Friar Tuck Adult Costume

 Woody Classic Adult Costume    Buzz Lightyear Adult Costume

 Toy Story – Woody Classic Adult Costume | Toy Story – Buzz Lightyear Adult Costume

             Womens Aprons

Julie and Julia

 British Explosion Blue Costume   British Explosion Red Costume

British Explosion Adult Costumes

 Fred Flintstones Costume   The Flintstones Barney Rubble Costume

Fred Flinstone & Barney Rubble

 TMNT Michelangelo Costume TMNT Leonardo Costume

TMNT Raphael CostumeTMNT Donatello Costume


Green Power Ranger  Red Power Ranger Costume

Power Rangers

Bride of Frankenstein Elite Adult Costume    Corpse Bride Sexy Adult Costume

Bride of Frankenstein | Corpse Bride 

  Orange is the New Black Beige Prisoner Jump Suit Orange is the New Black Orange Prisoner Jump Suit

Orange is the New Black Tan Prisoner Jump Suit | Orange is the New Black Orange Prisoner Jump Suit

For Piper:  Orange Scrubs or CostumeWhite Crew Neck T-shirtBlack Cavas Slip On ShoesName Badge & Blond Wig

For Alex: Tan Scrubs or CostumeWhite Crew Neck T-shirtWomen's Black Work ShoesBlack Rim Glasses, Name Badge & Black Wig

Grand Budapest Hotel Halloween Costumes

Purple Male Chef Jacket | Women’s Solid Purple Blazer | Men’s Dress Pants Trousers | Womens Purple Stretch Leggings | Lobby Bell Boy Purple Costume Hat | Men’s Purple Bow Tie | Self Adhesive Mustaches Set | Red Dress Socks

Party Hearty!

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