Let’s Cocktail Ladies Night Out Theme Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

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Let’s Toast to Ladies’ Night Out!

Do you and your girlfriends need a night out to relax, let loose or just catch up? Whether you are celebrating a birthday, hosting a bachelorette party, or just wanting to escape for a few hours, Party Idea Pros will help you to create a chic and festive girls evening to remember. Let’s toast to Girls’ Night Out!

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Let's Cocktail Ladies’ Night Out Theme Party Invitations and Stamps

Choosing your invitation is the equivalent of the title of a paper … it sets the tone for the entire party! There are lots of fun ladies’ night out theme invitations from which to choose. Here are our favorites. Most invitations can be customized – just change the the wording to reflect the occasion!

Martini Circle Invitations   Girls Night Party Invitations

       Classy Cocktail Invitations       Cocktail Glasses Invitations

Martini Invitations | Girls Night |  Classy Cocktail Invitations | Cocktail Glasses:Iris (also available in watermelon and meadow)

Chic Champagne Invitations      Martini Bar Party Invitations

  Bachelorette Party Invitations Trendy Pumps      Manis and Mimosas Bridal Shower Invitations

Chic Champagne: Daiquiri | Martini Bar | Trendy Pumps Invitation |  | Manis and Mimosas Bridal Shower Invitations

 Cocktail Celebration Party Invitations       Sweet Sips Party Invitations

Cocktail Celebration | Sweet Sips


Peacock Ladies Night Out Invitations       Recipe Bachelorette Party Invitations

Peacock Girls Night Out Invitations (also available in orange) | Recipe Bachelorette Party Invitations


30th Birthday Party Invitations invitation30th Birthday Party Invitations - with Monogram invitationZebra/pink martini Bachelorette Party invitationHot Pink Martini Bachelorette Party Invitation invitation

30th Birthday Party Invitations | 30th Birthday Party Invitations – with Monogram | Zebra/pink martini Bachelorette Party | Hot Pink Martini Bachelorette Party Invitation

Bachelorette Party Invitation Bachelorette Party Invitation Bachelorette Party Invitation Ladies Night Bachelorette Party Invitation

Bachelorette Party Invitation | Bachelorette Party Invitation | Bachelorette Party Invitation | Ladies Night Bachelorette Party Invitation | High Heels Invitations

Girl’s Night Out Theme Party Stamps

Personalize your stamps by using zazzle custom postage. Before purchasing any postage, please be sure to bring a complete invitation, including all inserts, to a local post office to determine exactly how much postage is required.

Girls’ Night Out Stamp Green Girls’ Night Out Stamp Strawberry Martini Stamp purse stamp

Girls’ Night Out Stamp | Green Girls’ Night Out Stamp | Strawberry Martini Stamp | A Purse Stamp

Ladies’ Night Out Theme Party Table Linens

Girls’ Night Out! With this theme your options are limitless. Your final decision should be based on three factors: the physical characteristics of the event room, your guest of honor’s personal style, and your budget. Party Idea Pros generally turns to BBJ Linen event photos for inspiration.

If you prefer to save some money, most venues will supply complimentary white or cream linens. Either will work — although you may want to use colored napkins. If you choose this option, be sure to use confetti, and as many table ornaments as your budget allows. Likewise, if you are hosting a girls night out party at your house just about any bright color linen you have will be fine. In fact, place mats will also work great, and to tell you the truth, individual sheets of scrap booking paper work great and are adorable.

casual friday scrapbook paper   girls night out scrapbook paper   Pink flocked paper

Choose any crazy print paper such as Girls Night Out. If you are feeling creative and have lots of time, you can even create a layout highlighting your guest of honor. Alternatively, use your place mats as place cards by creating a page for each of your guests. Laminate it and tie with personalized ribbon for a complete favor anyone can enjoy.

New Idea!

ribbon table decor

You might also consider crisscrossing pattern and solid, brightly colored ribbon down the table. If that’s too much work, simply take a 3×5 unlined index card and write in a colored marker “Let’s toast to Ladies’ Night Out”. Then attach 2-3 long ribbons to the edge of the card and let them drape over the plate, over the table, and onto your chairs. How fun is that. You can see a picture of this look in Country Living

If you are having a fairly large party, don’t forget to include your place card table, your gift table, buffet tables, and any ceremonial tables when determining your linen count. Also, if you chose to use more ornate linens, do not use them for the cocktail hour; they will have a greater impact as your guests enter the dining room.

Ladies’ Night Out Theme Party Centerpieces

There are lots of different options for centerpieces, however Party Idea Pros thinks these Happy Hour Cocktail Bouquets are the way to go. Mix and match them or even consider using all three on your table. Be sure to place them at different heights.

Sangria Bouquet™ Blue Hawaiian Floral Margarita™  Strawberry Floral Margarita® Apple Martini Bouquet

 Now Make It Move

These centerpieces are just too darn cute to stay still. Place them on a rotating display base to add movement and pizzazz to your table.

rotating base

Or a simple martini theme balloon bouquet will help keep your costs down!

Martini Glass Pink & Black Latex Balloon    Olives Martini Glass Mylar Balloon

Martini Glass Pink & Black Latex BalloonOlives Martini Glass Mylar Balloon

Fun Ladies’ Night Out Theme Party Table Decor

A Ladies’ Night Out party lends itself to so many options, Party Idea Pros could not choose just one best option, so here are a few choices we call the best of the best … One more thought — party favors can double as place cards when combined with a place card tag or can be used as small tokens of thanks when a thank you tag is attached.

Fill these martini glasses with jelly beans to add a splash of color to your tables and a delightful party favor. Or just place them at each table setting filled with a cocktazzil!

 Mini martini glasses with cocktail flavored jelly beans

Mini martini glasses | Cocktail flavored jelly beans

Ladies’ Night Out Theme Party Napkin Rings Double as Party Favors!

Rather than bother with a napkin ring, just fold your napkin beautifully and place these party favors on the napkin or in the little pocket to take home. Or use these chic stiletto keychains as a combination napkin ring and party favor.

Silver Plated Diamond Ring Napkin Holders    Diamond Ring Keychain Favor

Diamond ring napkin rings | Diamond ring key chains

Slide the napkin through the key ring and save a few dollars!

Ladies’ Night Out Theme Place Cards Double as Party Favors!

Place cards can set the mood for the entire party. Consider splurging. Use these purses as both your place card and party favor. Customize each purse with your guest’s name – consider having them professionally calligraphed if your own handwriting is only “so-so”.

lipstick pen   pink purse favor boxes

Lipstick pen and notepad favors | Pink purse favor boxes

Ladies’ Night Out Theme Party Classic Place Cards

If you are already splurging on other aspects of the party, these fun place cards are perfect!

 Flower Design Party Supplies Image EnlargeClick image to enlarge Flower Design Party Supplies Field of Flowers Party Confetti Flower Design Party Centerpiece Field of Flowers Favor Boxes Field of Flowers Party Supplies      Charming Bloom Place Cards

Field of Flowers Party Supplies | Themed Place Cards

Add feathers and Jewels to spice up your place cards … the colors on these boas work perfectly so rather than buying a bunch of bags with various feather colors, just pick the feathers off a boa.

More Ladies’ Night Out Theme Party Favors

The Little Extras to Make Your Ladies' Night Out Party Special

 Lolita Acrylic Wine Drinkware, Girl's Night In Chocolate and Wine Make Everything Fine Handpainted Wine Glass      I'll Drink to That Handpainted Wine Glass

 Lolita Acrylic Wine Drinkware, Girl's Night InChocolate and Wine Make Everything Fine Handpainted Wine GlassI'll Drink to That Handpainted Wine Glass

Printable Games for your Ladies Night Out Party
More fun games for your ladies night out party
Lolita Bunco Game       Girls Night Out Table Topics What's a DAME to do?! Game     Girlfriends' Intuition Game

Lolita Bunco Game | Girls Night Out Table Topics | What's a DAME to do?! Game | Girlfriends' Intuition Game

Make the Night Last a Year

Photo Memory Book

Don’t let this memorable day fade away with the setting sun. The next day, when all is still fresh, log onto Shutterfly to create photo books, memory calendars, and even photo thank you notes or create a 5×7 photo card announcing the day, time, and location of your next celebration.

Photo Books | Calendars | Photo Gifts


Enjoy the planning, enjoy the party, and always

Party hearty!

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