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Let’s Cocktail Ladies Night Theme Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

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Do you and your girlfriends need a night to relax, let loose or just catch up? Whether you are celebrating a birthday, hosting a bachelorette party, or just wanting to escape the mundane for a few hours, Party Idea Pros will help you to create a chic and festive ladies night to remember.

There really is no reason to be coy. It's all about the cocktails so we say embrace the theme. Everything, and we mean absolutely everything, should be about the cocktails. Your flowers can be cocktail bouquets. Your party ware, Sip Sip Horray, and all of your food served in cocktail style! Your decor and colors should all blend with your cocktail(s) of choice. The featured cocktail bouquet is a margarita but there are lots more options from which to choose.

Just one more thing >> for this post the term cocktails includes your beverage of choice whether it be a wine, whiskey, tequila vodka or even a sparkling water with a twist of lemon and a few raspberries or blueberries thrown in for color.

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Remember whether you choose to send your invite through the mail or deliver via email, your invitation sets the tone for the entire party.

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Don't forget the centerpieces and buffet bar decor. Clearly, we love these happy hour bouquets! And we always love the idea of an edible centerpiece like this Mixed Berry Margarita.

Add some decor that can also double as party favors or take away gift.

Ladies Night Food and Drink Ideas

Here are just a few of our favorite ideas and as you can see all are, or can be, served in some kind of mini cocktail glass. And rather than the usual celery accoutrement, serve any salad on a stick along with your Bloody Mary.

Ladies Night Game Ideas

So many games. So little time.

Party Hearty!

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