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LEGO Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

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Lego Party Favor Boxes, Cookies & Candy

Lego Birthday Party Favor Boxes, Cookies & Candies

LEGO Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

Is your child (or you) a Lego fanatic? If so, a Lego birthday party may be an ideal theme for this year’s birthday party. It is unique, colorful, and yes, playful.

The minute we discovered the featured Lego Party favor boxes, cookies & candies on Beau-coup, our “go to” party favor site, we knew we had to find anything and everything related to hosting a Lego theme birthday party. As we searched for the best of the best in Lego theme party supplies, we realized that often, probably due to trademark, copyright, and other legal restrictions, some of the best Lego party supplies are referred to as blocks, brix, and even blox. Whatever the name, we promise your guests will still recognize them as Legos.

Party Invitations

Remember, even in this day of online invites, a party invitation sets the tone for the entire event. We still prefer mailed invitations especially for children's parties. Most families continue to hang the invitations on the refrigerator or other family bulletin board and children spend a surprising amount of time looking at invitations thereby adding to their excitement and anticipation.

 Lego Block Party Invitations  Lego Block Party Invitations

Fill-in Lego Block Party Invitations & Flat Cards

  Lego Birthday Party Invite   Lego Theme Birthday Party Invitation

 Printable Invitations

Lego Party Supplies

More Lego Themed Party Supplies

Lego Themed Centerpieces

Budget Friendly Lego Theme Centerpieces

Budget Friendly Lego Theme Centerpieces >> Printable Centerpieces | Mylar Centerpieces

Lego Party Favors

Lego Party Favor Rings

Lego-Themed Party Favor Rings

 LEGO Chocolate Pops    Blox Candies

LEGO Chocolate Pops | Blox Candies

Finally, what could be better than gifting actual lego sets as party favors.

Party Hearty!

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