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Last Minute Costume Ideas for Halloween or Anytime

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Last Minute Costume Ideas

Box Costumes

Rubik's Cube Costume

I just saw this costume on the Today show and thought, wow — easy and fun!  You can create it using one box or three boxes askew, solved or unsolved, large or small, with arm holes or without.  Wear tights or black pants underneath.  You can get as fancy as you want.  If you have truly waited until the last minute — simply spray paint your boxes black with quick drying paint.  During the 15 minutes it takes for the paint to dry completely, cut out your  squares of colored paper.  Now glue or tape them to box(es) being sure to leave space between the squares so it appears they are outlined in black.   If you don't have boxes at home your local postal store or office supply store  generally stock boxes.   If you don't have a paper cutter or glue gun consider investing in one for the next time!

My absolute favorite craft tool …

Scotch ATG Adhesive Applicator

3M Scotch Adhesive Transfer Tape ATG 700 Dispenser | Scotch Adhesive Transfer Tape, 0.5 Inch x 36 Yards (924.5) | Adhesive Transfer Tape Roll for Scotch Tape Gun , 3/4

This tape is hard to find, so be sure to buy at least 6-12 rolls at a time.  There is nothing worse than getting half way through a project just to run out of tape.)

Gift Box Costume

gift box Halloween costume

Just wrap up a box and add a ribbon and gift tag! And if you actually plan in advance, you might consider ordering personalized wrapping paper >> Personalized Wrapping Paper | Personalized Ribbon

Lego Brick Costume

  Lego Bricks Halloween lego costume

Choose a color.  Dress head to toe in that color or dress in all black or all white.  Cut head and arm holes out of box with exacto knife. Paint a box with quick drying glossy  spray paint.   Attach round painted plastic containers with glue gun.  Voila!

Pizza Box Costume

Pizza Box

Wear a as much or little underneath this costume as you are comfortable with.  Hot glue as many pizza boxes together as you desire (I've seen this costume done  with as little as 1 box or as many as 6 boxes glued together for more coverage).  Cut a hole in the middle so that the box(es) sit on top of your hips. You might want to attach suspenders to ensure the box stays on!

Duct Tape Quickies

Lady Bug Costume

Lady Bug Costume

Dress in red.  Add black duct tape circles.  Roll black or red duct tape into long snake like pieces and form into wing shape.  Attach with duct tape to back of shirt.  Add duct tape antennae to an old headband.  Alternatively, wear black and add a red polka dot cape.

Tic Tac Toe Board

tic tac toe

Wear Black or White.  Run strips of colored duct tape down and across your shirt.  Add x's and o's.

The Future is Now.

This is the old traditional garbage bag costume.  Wear all black or all white.  Cut  holes in black or white  garbage bag.  Step into bag as if you would step into a pair of pants.  Take a second bag.  Cut a hole for your head and 2 holes for your arms.  Put on like a shirt.  Now tuck the shirt into the pants. Take silver (or any color) duct tape and wrap around your waist like a belt so the 2 pieces stay together and stay on you.  Consider trimming the sleeve edges and color with duct tape to make the costume look a bit more finished.  WARNING! Please, do not put this costume on young children.  If worn improperly, garbage bags can lead to suffocation.  You might also want to create a headband or crown out of the duct tape for a little extra pop or even create tin foil fringe for the belt and headband.  You can also wear a single garbage bag like a halter dress.



Wear any solid color leotard with tights or unitard.  Use 4 boas (any single color or mix and match) and drape loosely around neck — one in front, one in back, 1 on each side.  Tie at waist with with a 5th boa.  Take extra material and create a boa headband.


Simply wear any sexy dress in your closet and add a contrasting boa and lots of bling for an over the top glamorous look.

Raid Your Closet, Your Kitchen, Your Garage … (you get the idea)

Graffiti Costumes >> Simple. Cheap.

A simple white unisex t-shirt worn either with jeans or with white shorts or sweatpants work as a simple fashion forward costume. Just take fabric markers or even cans of spray paint (the shirts will be a little stiff if you spray them) and “tag” the shirts with just about anything you like.

White T-shirts      Fabric Markers      White Boxers

White T-Shirts | White Sweatpants | White Shorts & White Boxers | Don’t forget the multi-colored fabric markers.

Cowboy and Cowgirl

cowboy hats and boots

Just wear jeans, denim, plaid shirt, black or white shirt with rolled sleeves, boots,  Cowboy hat, a bandana (optional), and vest (optional)

Cook / Julia Child

Womens Aprons with Same Day Delivery

Gal:  Any apron over a matronly dress and solid shoes or even over a sexy dress and sexy shoes.

Guy:  Any apron will do, yes, even a floral girly print since just  wearing an apron gives you instant sex appeal!

We could not believe our good luck – all of these retro aprons are available for same day delivery!  And best yet you can wear them for Halloween and then continue to use them year round in the kitchen.

Any Athletic Wear

 Soccer Player Soccer Player

Soccer, football, ski, snowboarding, tennis, surfing, golf, baseball, NASCAR, equestrian …

Tacky Tourist Costume

 Tacky Tourist Adult Costume Tacky Traveler Adult Costume

Baggy shorts, loud or bold baggy shirt, camera around your neck, ugly oversized hat to protect you from the sun.Be sure to wear socks with walking shoes.  Carry a shopping bag.

Mr. or Ms. Matched

Combine every pattern in your wardrobe to create one crazy and colorful costume.  In addition to your mismatched shirts and pants, think old ties, socks, bandanas, hats, gloves, and scarves

Party Hearty!

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