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Ladies Night Out – Yoga Theme Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

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NEW! Make it a Yoga Night

Need an excuse to party hearty? Add a yoga, pilates, or meditation element to your ladies night out and feel virtuous. Keep all the festive decor recommended in Party Idea Pros classic Ladies Night Out or our new Good Things Come in Small Packages, Shoes Glorious Shoes, Take a Walk on the Wild Side, and Wonder Women Party theme packages – simply exchange your high heels and tight jeans for yoga sandals and organic yoga pants and save the cocktails (or better yet, mocktails) and bling for after a good workout.

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Ladies Night Out – Yoga Theme Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

Ladies Yoga Night Theme Party Planning, Ideas, and Supplies

Yoga Theme Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

Yoga Theme Party Invitations and Stamps

Invitations are much like the title of a paper –they set the tone for the entire party.

Yoga Party Invitations

 YOGA PARTY Birthday Exercise Stretching Invitation invitationBlonde Yoga Girl Stretch & Play Birthday Party 5x7 invitationTree Pose Yoga Party Invitation

Yoga Party Invitations

Pilates Card

Pilates figures

Basic Yoga Theme Party Supplies

You could ask your guests bring their own yoga mats or surprise them with these great yoga kits. Plus, your rooms will look adorable if you set it up all ahead of time!

We are so excited! We just found a wonderful new source for all things yoga! Now you can buy quality yoga gear at amazing prices from Pro Source Fitness!

ProSource Fitness

The Perfect Yoga Outfit

No matter the locale, no matter the theme, a party is always a great excuse to buy that perfect outfit!

savasanatshirt   downward_facing_dog_shirt

Savasana T Shirt  | Downward Facing Dog Cartoon Tshirts 

.                Namaste_leggings………yoga_leggings………..seven_chakras_leggings

Yoga Leggings

Yoga Theme Party Favors


Keep your flowers simple, elegant, inspired

We give up! Just about every time we link directly to a beautiful floral arrangement, the product disappears. So here are our go to florists. Just search orchid –stunning new arrangements are featured daily.

1 800 Baskets | 1 800 Flowers | | GiftTree | Teleflora

Another great option is flowering bonsai! Bonsai symbolize harmony, honor, patience, as well as happiness among friends and family.

Bonsai Tree  Flowering Dwarf Weeping Barbados Cherry Bonsai Tree (Malpighia Pendiculata) Flowering Gardenia Bonsai Tree - Water Pot (gardenia jasminoides) Flowering Mount Fuji Bonsai Tree/Water Bonsai Pot (serissa foetida)

Food for your Yoga Party

Think local, fresh, and balanced. Consider serving tapas or small appetizer sized portions. The key is to vary your presentation. Mix and match food with containers

Yoga Party Healthy Food Choices

Foods: Harvest Grain Salad | Beet Salad | Soba Noodle Salad (with meat or tofu) | Endamame Lo Mein | Tofu Wrap

Containers: Martini glass | Shot glass | Rectangular Appetizer Plate | Triangle Dessert Plates | Round Salad Plate

Yoga Theme Gifts

Yoga Poses Figurines   Tibetan Singing Bowl

Yoga Poses Figurines | Tibetan Singing Bowl

Party Hearty!

yoga gear


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