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K.I.S.S. (Keep It Stylishly Simple)

Keep it Stylishly Simple, Lightbulb Vases

Keep it Stylishly Simple >> Light Bulb Vases



Today’s economic circumstances require hosts to be sensitive to the times. Over the top glitzy is out. Simple, meaningful, and elegant is in. Think understated! Bigger invitations are not necessarily better. Giant floral masterpieces can be replaced with smaller tasteful florals or even single flowers. But remember understated does not mean austere. It is still ok to have fun — in fact, it may be down right patriotic. So don’t skip your next celebration, instead remember to KISS (Keep It Stylishly Simple!)


Oh my – this Etsy seller ( TheHyggeFox ) has taken our idea one step further. #obsessed

Party Hearty!

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