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Dinosaur Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

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We are so excited to announce the release of our latest party theme >> Jurassic World!
Yes, finally a great looking classic party designed especially for boys. Although there is absolutely no reason this theme would not work equally well for dinosaur obsessed girls!

So if you are looking for a great educational day disguised as a birthday party, think a dinosaur party. Who doesn't love dinosaurs? And we promise, your pint-sized paleontologists will remember the day forever and always.

Jurassic World Party
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Shop Dinosaur Party Invitations

Remember your invitation sets the tone for the entire party. Even before the party begins invitations create a sense of anticipation.  Think of all the time your own child spends  looking at those invitations on your refrigerator.

Shop Dinosaur Party Paper Goods

Dinosaur Party In a Box

Many merchants make it extra easy now. They box everything together into a neat easy to use party pack. A few of the more boutique shops even give you the flexibility to add and remove items as you see fit so you are not stuck paying for party supplies you don’t want or need.

Shop Dinosaur Party Decor

Printable DIY party decor is very popular but if you do not have either the time or inclination, there are plenty of options that can be delivered to your door pretty much ready to go . A few even offer coordinating invitations and paper goods.

Plan Your Dinosaur Party Activities

Here are a few of our favorite party activities. 1.Together research flying dinosaurs >> learn everything you can about them! 2. Watch your dinosaurs soar. Have flying contests. 3. Leave plenty of time for imaginative play! 4. Think anything and everything dinosaur eggs. Maybe even include an egg relay race! 5. A dinosaur parade will bring out the beast within your children. And make for some fun video footage! 6. And finally, all PIP parties end with the breaking of the piñata! A Jurassic World Party is no exception

Dinosaur Party Food Ideas

Serve all your food cut into dinosaur shapes or presented in dinosaur themed wrappers. And we mean everything including fruit, sandwiches, cookies, and anything else you can think of!

Party Pretty!

Don darling dinosaur tees or even make it a pajama party! Show them how much Mom, Dad, and Me Love Dinosaurs!

Party Hearty!

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