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“It Will Be Hard to Fill Your Shoes” Retirement Party

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We just read an article discussing how more and more people are choosing to retire rather than return to work and risk their lives amid the pandemic. Although most of these retirements were not long in the planning, we still need to celebrate and honor these stalwarts of the workplace. So we are re-posting one of our all time favorite retirement parties.

Recently we were contacted by a visitor looking for retirement gifts and party theme ideas for a fabulous boss who was being forced out of their company. She jokingly said she would love to use black as the primary color since it is such a profound loss for their workplace. We said no problem. Go for it! Black is always chic and handsome, so why not use it.

Retirement Party Supplies & Decor

The Legend Has Retired It Will Be Hard to Fill Your Shoes Retirement Party Theme

It Will Be Hard to Fill Your Shoes Retirement Party Theme >> The Legend Has Retired

After a bit of research, we settled on  the  retirement party theme, “Your Shoes Will be Hard to Fill” . It seemed appropriate for the occasion and factually true. And the visual is fabulous! We have curated whole parties around the women's shoes, but never really thought about creating a similar party for men. And now we are rather obsessed with the idea. Please, please some one use this theme and send us your photos. We cannot find images anywhere of men's black dress shoes filled with flowers, green plants, succulents or air plants, or even balloons, used as centerpieces. We did however, find a few images of women's shoes, sneakers and boots that might inspire your centerpiece design.
Upcycle Old Shoes into Shoe Themed Centerpieces

Upcycle Old Shoes into Shoe Themed Centerpieces

Initially we envisioned classic men's black dress shoes arranged together to give them a bit of lift but you can also use Oxford style shoes or work shoes or even work boots, depending on the type of shoes your colleague generally wears to the office. As you will see, in our case, the color black works best with the rest of the retirement party decor.
Now use these black and gold party supplies to supplement your black shoe centerpieces.

We think these black and gold party decorations in a crate are a fabulous alternative!

There are lots more black and gold retirement party supplies but they tend to say say things that just did not ring true in the case of a forced retirement. Retirement party supplies with sentiments extolling the virtues of retirement  seemed too insensitive for this situation.

Happy Retirement Party Decor and Supplies

Happy Retirement Party Decor and Supplies

Personalized Retirement Party Supplies

We are currently working on designing some custom plates, napkins and invitations that will work perfectly with this theme. Keep checking back. They will be ready to purchase very, very soon!

And we could not resist designing some matching invitations!

Retirement Party Parting Gifts

Mia suggested she wanted all of the employees to write heartfelt notes to their boss. We think this is a wonderful, thoughtful idea. We would recommend that you also consider binding the notes in a lovely photo book. In addition, or instead of the book, consider a word art gift. Include the company name, the names of your team, and even words describing some of the retiree's leadership qualities. We designed this large canvas but you can create a similar look on throw blankets, mugs, and even acrylic blocks.

More Shoe Themed Parties!

We would love to hear your ideas. Leave us a comment!

Party Hearty!

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