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Support The Families of Israel’s Fallen Soldiers – Buy Fine Israeli Wines!

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It must be the weekend because we are on quite the wine roll – first Portuguese wines and now kosher Israeli wines. With great Kosher wines regularly on sale, we encourage all of you who are planning on hosting family and friends for Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippor, or Sukkot to stock up on wines from Israel.  Plan ahead and buy now! And as its name implies, all wines are Kosher. They stock delicious table wines, kiddish wines, dessert wines, sparkling wines, cooking wines and even wine gift sets.

The new top quality releases of Israeli boutique wineries like Castel, Shiloh; the Mediterranean-style Domaine Netofa wines, and the new releases from Tzuba, Flam, and Tulip are gaining international attention. Many consumers choose to support Israel with their wine dollars. Here are three of Israel's finest premium wines!

Israeli Wines

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