Wedding Planning, Theme Ideas & Supplies

Weddings are very special life cycle events.  Party Idea Pros will walk you through all steps of planning a wedding by providing professional recommendations on just about every detail for your service and celebration party with appropriate integration of your party  theme. The reality is there are so many websites, magazines, and books available to guide you, we will stick to more of the themed style weddings and party basics, leaving the wedding dresses (chances are we won't be able to resist and will throw in a few of our favorite dresses) and other wedding specific details to the already over saturated wedding world.  At the bottom of this page you can find a few of the books and websites we have found to be most useful.

Wedding Planning, Theme Ideas & Supplies

Wedding Planning, Theme Ideas & Supplies

Wedding Themes

by Event

Bachelorette Party
Bachelor Party

Wild Animal

Engagement Parties
Wedding Showers
Reception Themes
Black Tie Optional

Winter Wonderland

The Dessy Group


Wedding Finances – Who Pays for What During the Wedding Celebrations

Wedding Shopping Guide


Bridal Shower Games

Bachelorette Party Printable Games

New! Wedding Beauty Tips

Make-up Tutorial – Bridal Look Part 1
Make-up Tutorial – Bridal Look Part 2a
Make-up Tutorial – Bridal Look: Part 2b
Make-up Tutorial – Bridal Look Part 3


Unique Wedding Gifts

Wedding Basics

New! Romantic video

Groom Surprises Fiancee With Wedding

Step 1 – A Quick Review of Planning Basics

Planning Basics

Venues and Lodging
Entertainment and Photography
Fabulous Food
Step Two – Choose your Theme

Party Theme Ideas

What's Hot
Cheap Chic
Keep it Simple
Go Green

Step Three – Order your Supplies

Don't forget to check if the vendor is running any promotions for Party Idea Pros customers!

Discounts & Deals


New! Design your engagement ring and wedding bands online
Amazon has a new tool to let you create your own ring!   We just wasted an hour playing with it and if nothing else, it is great fun!
Simply open up Amazon’s Create Your Own Ring page, and the first thing you’ll encounter is a set of sliding bars to help you narrow your choices and select your diamond. Start by picking your diamond shape. Then you can further refine your search by adjusting the sliders to set a range for price, carat weight, cut, color, and clarity. You can click “see results” at any point in the process to view all the diamonds that match your criteria.

Once you’ve found and selected the diamond you want, you will move on to choose the setting. Here, you can narrow your choices to a particular style of setting or a specific metal type. The images will show you how your diamond will look mounted in the setting.

After you’ve chosen the setting that appeals to you, all that remains is to select the ring size, and then—you’re ready to order.

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