Non Profit Events

Planning Non Profit Events

Years ago, my friend Hanna taught me the value of celebrating the little things in life as they arise. These tough times do not call for cutting out partying.  On the contrary, these are the times we need to embrace friends, family, and community, and join together in celebration.  Today, more than ever, non-profits need to develop creative ways to raise funds  Justify throwing a donor thank you party not only as astute marketing tool but also as an act of patriotism since you will be contributing to the overall growth of the economy.  Let Party Idea Pros walk you through each step of planning your event by providing professional recommendations on all the little details. And if we forget something, feel free to remind us!

Non Profit Events


Donor Thank You Party

Board Meetings

Committee Meetings

Ancient Roman Party

Be Happy!

Candied Dreams

Classic Elegance

Everything Sweet

Festive Hearts
Garden Delights


Good Things Come in Small Packages

Happy Birthday




Kentucky Derby

Lights, Camera, Action

Melodies of Life


Movie Night

Orange Outburst

Shoe, Shoes, and More Shoes

Sparkling NIghts


Star Light Star Bright

Surf’s Up

Take Me out to the Ball Game

Tea Party

Toga Party

Veni. Vidi. Vici. (An Ides of March Party)

What’s Cooking
Winter Wonderland

Non Profit Party Basics

Step 1 – A Quick Review of Planning Basics

Planning Basics



Venues and Lodging

Entertainment and Photography

Fabulous Food

Step Two – Choose your Event Theme

Don't feel constrained by the typical non profit “giving” themes.

Explore all your Party Theme Idea options and adapt them by adding your organizations charitable twist.z

Step Three – Order your Supplies

Don't forget to check if the vendor is running any promotions for Party Idea Pros customers!

Recommended Reading

Most importantly … even the organizers should remember to enjoy the day!

Party Hearty!

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