Pi Beta Phi Room Decor and Gift Ideas

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Pi Beta Phi Room Decor and Gift Ideas

Oooh so cute!

Are you a Pi Phi decorating your dorm room or college apartment?  Are you looking for a special gift for your big or little sister? Check out our unique selection of Pi Beta Phi room decor and gifts not typically found on the standard greek sites.

All we can say is FINALLY –  Our own Lilly Pulitzer Collection!

Lilly Pulitzer Tumbler - Pi Beta Phi         Lilly Pulitzer Dry Erase Board - Pi Beta Phi         Lilly Pulitzer iPhone 4/4s Cover - Pi Beta Phi         Lilly Pulitzer Murfette Scarf- Pi Beta Phi

Lilly Pulitzer The Pi Beta Phi Collection          Lilly Pulitzer Carded ID Wristlet- Pi Beta Phi         Lilly Pulitzer The Original Tote- Pi Beta Phi         Lilly Pulitzer Zippity-do Makeup Bag- Pi Beta Phi

Lilly Pulitzer Tumbler – Pi Beta Phi | Lilly Pulitzer Dry Erase Board – Pi Beta Phi | More Lilly Pullitzer – Pi Beta Phi

Best Pi Beta Phi Arrow Necklace

Pi Beta Phi Custom Stamps

Unfortunately the gold Stella & Dot “On the Mark” Arrow Necklace is no longer available but the 2012 On the Mark Sterling Silver Arrow Necklace has finally arrived – just in time for Fall Rush!  Get one for your big and one for your little and one for yourself, of course!

Pi Beta Phi Custom Stamps | Pi Beta Phi Women's Boy Brief  | Pi Phi Sorority iPhone Case

We are so sorry — this case seems to be missing from Zazzle.  We will keep searching!

PBP Color Crest Iphone Case | PBP Logo Iphone Cases


Tai Arrow Charm Bracelet                    WGACA Vintage Vintage Chanel CC Arrow Necklace      

Tai Arrow Charm Bracelet | WGACA Vintage Vintage Chanel CC Arrow Necklace | Goldtone Heart & Arrow Pendant Necklace

Looking for a something that screams Pi Phi yet doesn't?  Check out these Current Elliot Arrow Boyfriend Shorts, Arrow Skinny Jeans, and adorable 12th Street by Cynthia Vincent Cami Mini Dress with arrows running down the middle on Shopbop!

  Directional Arrow Shape Wooden Black Board With Stick

Vinyl Greek Letters! | Pi Beta Phi Dorm Sign | Directional Arrow Shape Wooden Black Boards With Sticks

So chic, so today!  Great for rush!

New Angel Gifts!

Perfect for little sister welcomes and big sister thank yous!

Crystal Angel Keepsake       Angel Stemless Wine GlassAngel 1 Wine Glass Icon      Silver Angel Bookmark Favor

Crystal Angel Keepsakes | Angel Stemless Wine Glass

Go in with other Pi Phi's to order enough glasses for the entire pledge class

Personalized Angel Glass Jar | Angel Cookies

These angel cookies come individually wrapped but there is a 12 cookie minimum so order with friends.

Be sure to check back often — we promise to update this page whenever we find something special!


Party Hearty!


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