How to Host Political Events and Election & Convention Watch Parties

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Host a Political Convention Watch Party

Political Events Party Planning, Ideas & Supplies

Get the Look at your Next Political Event! Show your American Pride — Fly the Flag and Bring out the Red, White and Blue!

How to Host Political Events & Election Parties

Are you organizing a political event or fundraiser, a Women’s Republican Club or Democrat Club luncheon, a get out the vote coffee or dessert, or Republican or Democratic Convention viewing party? has photographed our vision of what your political event might actually look like. And unlike other sites, we actually direct you to a site where you can buy or create each and every element of the picture. Nothing is more frustrating than to find something you like and have no idea where to buy it! Let us know what you think. For more Patriotic Party options be sure to check out our Red, White, and Blooms – A Patriotic Party. 

Convention & Election Night Watch Parties

You can also use this look when planning a political convention or election night watch party! In full disclosure, I am an unabashed political wonk. My husband and I both worked at the White House many administrations ago after stints working for congressmen and senators from our respective states. We have an unblemished voting record and proudly wear our “I voted” stickers all day long.  We are addicted to everything politics including watching every possible moment of the televised coverage of both political party conventions. And yes, we almost always invite friends over to watch with us. One year we ran into some friends while casting our presidential ballots and invited them over for what we hoped would be an exciting post election celebration.  Little did we know they voted for the other candidate. Needless to say, our celebration was dialed back significantly.

Even though today's political conventions seem very scripted and lack the intrigue of conventions years ago, we still get choked up when all the balloons and confetti drop from those super high ceilings in the convention centers. The excitement in the halls seem to jump out of the TV and infiltrate our family room.  So get into the spirit and order your patriotic invitations and party supplies today! The more red, white, and blue the better.

Paper Lanterns

American Flag

Patchwork Tablecloth

We could not find an exact replica of the patchwork tablecloth we have folded over the chair but here are a few options which could work as well or better.

Soda in Beverage Tub

Patriotic PomPom Centerpiece in White Urn

Patriotic Candles

Patriotic Candle

Patriotic Candle >> UPDATE: Take 50% OFF all Zazzle candles thru July 25th with promo code JULYXMASDEAL

Patriotic Gift Boxes & Burlap Table Runner

Hand Made Patriotic Cake Box   Burlap Table Runner

Red Cake PlatesPatriotic Cake Shaped Gift Boxes | Burlap table runner

We have a handful of custom hand made cake shaped gift boxes available for purchase. These gift boxes were custom designed for a client who flaked out on us. They are ideal for inserting gift cards, trinkets, or small party favors. Please email us for more details.

Patriotic Plates & Napkins

American Valor Patriotic Party Pack

Patriotic Paper Goods Patriotic Plates

Patriotic July 4th Party Plates & Party Supplies

 red_plastic_cutlery       white_plastic_cutlery       blue plastic cutlery

Red, White & Blue Cutlery | More Patriotic Cutlery

And here are a few more “must haves” for your election night party!

    Elephant & Donkey Election Day Party Cocktail Napkins   Elephant & Donkey Election Party Frost Flex Plastic Cups

Elephant & Donkey Election Day Party Cocktail Napkins | Elephant & Donkey Election Party Frost Flex Plastic Cups

Patriotic Sparkling Wine, Fireworks Candles, Pedestal, & Fun Shovel

For the past few years Chandon has celebrated summer with a limited edition bottle festively wrapped in red, white and blue stripes. Each year the bottle changes slightly but it is always great looking.  We highly recommend you pick up a case for year round patriotic celebrations.  They are really hard to find post-summer! They are also available in minis.


Mason Jars & Straws

Ball Mason Jars

Ball Mason Jars | Biodegradable Paper Straws, Red, White & Blue | Patriotic Serving Trays

Large American Flag

American Flag

American Flag

 Patriotic Party Decor

More Patriotic Party Supplies: Invitations, Sweets and Fun & Games

 Special for the 2016 Presidential Election


Hot off the presses! Everything & Anything Clinton | Kaine!!!! :: More Clinton | Kaine “Stuff”

Trump Pence 2016

Hot off the presses! Everything & Anything Trump | Pence!!!! :: More Trump | Pence “Stuff”

Plus we still like these funny (and not so funny) Trump & Hillary t-shirts and don’t forget to use our exclusive coupon code to take 30% OFF political apparel. Use code 30OFFGOV (thru 9.30.16)

Presidential Campaign T-Shirts

Presidential Campaign T-Shirts >> Donald Trump | Hilary Clinton

And we love the large selection of Trump & Clinton the coloring books!

Trump Clinton 2016 Presidential Campaign Coloring Books

Finally,  if you are seeking something a little less appropriate click here for 2016 presidentialcampaign gag gifts ?

Whether you  believe that we need to “Make America Great Again” or this country is “Stronger Together.” keep following the election process and be sure to vote!


My niece, Sami informed me at dinner tonight that there are now two new Humanity Hates Card Games and they are so fun to play!

  Humanity Hates Trump Card Game  Humanity Hates Hillary Card Game

Humanity Hates Trump Card Game | Humanity Hates Hillary Card Game

Here is just  bit more “stuff”

 Presidential Elections and Other Cool Facts Paperback Book     I Voted Stickers

Presidential Elections and Other Cool Facts  Paperback Book | I Voted Stickers (Even if you do not need all 500 stickers, use the roll as party decor i.e. stick a mini cactus in the center)

Be sure to check out's Red, White, and Blooms – A Patriotic Party party package for lots more party supply ideas!

Party Hearty!

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